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      Why does this person keep popping up in my dreams?!

      This all started in January, I had a dream that a guy I had a crush on/talked to (almost 10 years ago) He approached me in this dream and told me that we were soulmates and that 10 years after we met we would finally be ready to be together. It was very odd, it was almost like a cloud-like atmosphere when he was telling me this. After I woke up, I was really shook up about it because it felt so real. So I searched for him on social media, found out he had a girlfriend and that was the end of that.

      Then this past week, I had another dream about him, we were messaging each other the oddest way, through a book.. like tom riddles diary (for you Harry Potter fans lol) Anyways, I dropped the book and couldn't find the page we were messaging on, then woke up. I felt that weird feeling and searched him again on social media, found out he's not with that girl anymore.. and this past week he's been popping up in most of my dreams, probably because that last dream is stuck in my mind. What could this all mean? I really just want to know why and move on from it because it's driving me insane. I doubt this guy would even remember me from 10 years ago..

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      Post The Real You?

      What changed in January?
      Have you recently or in the last 10 years become ready for a deeper knowing or loving of yourself?
      The fact he approached you can be this side of you that you want to become coming to the fore, which you really want to get to know and and would love.
      The cloud can be like thought, that is so real to you.

      Tom Riddle's diary is a Horcrux. It interacts with those who write in it and can possess them, using them to open the Chamber of Secrets.
      It's a blank diary which Tom Riddle transformed into a Horcrux.

      A Horcrux is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality.

      So you communicating with this aspect of yourself looks like writing on a blank page what you want to be, to intertact with it and reveal inner secrets, or like the power of your soul or perhaps what is lasting and of true value in you.
      But you lost the page, dropped that book, and awoke to that with a weird feeling and searched for the wrong guy! If you wanted to search for you.
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