It was a somewhat odd dream but I'm awfully curious if there is some meaning behind it.
The dream took place in my house and I was in the bathroom and this guy walked behind me and I was suprised because this was someone I wanted to see in a long time. (Long story short oddly I'm not sure exactly if my mind made him up, but his face was hidden before until I saw him in real life and in my dreams his face was revealed and we had a close relationship in my dreams) I felt happy to see him and my older sister teased me about him being in the house. I talked with him for awhile and he then showed me that he was unable to do much; disabled. But before he seemed completely fine like any average person, but when he showed me he struggled to walk or even stand. I didn't care much I still loved him like I have in my dreams, and offered to help him. He smiled at me and seemed happy that I accepted him, and we sat on the couch together. And the last thing I can remember from that was feeling his skin and it was really soft.
When I woke up I questioned myself why was he in my house, hehe. But my dreams are pretty random but this one stood out.