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      In my dream. I saw a man hanging in a big tree. He's dead and covered in bloods. I'm with my friends and a lot of people were also in the scene. Then a big man removed him from the tree and he also covered in blood. I also tried to pray in my dream, the weird part is that I can't even finish my prayer. I keep repeating and repeating from the first part of the Our Father. And then I woke up and the first thing I tried to do is to pray but I've finished the whole prayer.

      I'm feeling very weird because in my dream I don't feel anything, but in real life I'm really scared and hate creepy stuffs. I'm a female and 21 years old of age. I have a feeling that my dream is connected to my present situation in our office. Because, in my dream. my boss is also there. In a few days, my boss will leave us because he needs to go back to his own country. Is this why I'm feeling agitated? Please someone knows what this means.
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      Most of the dreams that I look at are not meant to be taken literally. These often contain mythological entities or pagan symbols. And sometimes the most nightmarish dream can actually have a very positive meaning.

      This dream is strongly reminiscent of the story of Odin. As you may remember, he hanged himself on Yggdrasil for nine days and nights to discover the runes. He also sacrificed one eye to gain wisdom. Odin is known as the patron god of shamanism.

      The dead man is almost certainly Odin. But, Iím not too sure about the other man. Likely candidates would include his son Thor, especially if he has red hair, or Heimdall, who guarded Bifrost, the rainbow bridge to Asgard.

      You wrote that you also prayed in your dream. You prayed the first part of the Christian Lordís prayer. Your prayer to ďOur FatherĒ could apply to Odin, who is also known as All-Father.

      I do believe that this dream does refer to your current situation. Just as Odin gained wisdom through suffering, the dreamer is gaining wisdom from he stressful situation.

      Hope this helps.

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