so last night i had one helluva dream.
i don't remember the order in which the different parts of the dream occur, so i'm just going to list them.

First Part - The Time Loop
So I was a soldier, and at first I was myself, and the first time I had a companion who was a male I have never seen before. But in the dream we became close friends. It was like a training montage you'd see inside a movie, and by the end of it my dream cut to us being bombed/shot in the middle of a snowy terrain. We both die after exchanging a few words that I can't remember.
The second loop: things happened in the same manner, and I felt deja vu? But I didn't think anything of it. By the end of this dream, only he dies.
By the third loop, I was starting to pick up on the loop. I decided to train harder and harder, and both me and him got stronger and we were ready to go to war and come back home without either of us dying. And then it resets.
The fourth loop is completely different than the other three. This time me and him are children and we're on a field trip to a war museum, and we're just doing regular kid stuff like messing around. And there's a pool and we go swimming, and this loop ends with me slipping underwater and not coming back up. (I don't know if I died, this part of my dream just completely ends here).

Second Part - Leopard in My Vent
My family and I are moving in this part of the dream. And everything is being packed away and we have a flight to catch, and a few misc. things happen that i can't really remember. The part that really screws me up is when I'm in my brother's room, making sure he didn't leave anything behind. There's this tail like thing dangling out of a vent from the ceiling, it kind of looks like an air conditioner? And it looks like a lizards tail, scaly and dry and pointed at the end.
So I go to tell my mom, and she gets someone (I can;t remember who) to remove the front of the vent. And there's a frickin leopard in there! All curled in on itself, hair matted and missing in certain places, and it looks thin and malnourished. Like it's been living there all it's life, or something.
And there's suddenly this vet/animal control lady, and she takes the leopard out of the vent and it limps around on the ground and curls up outside of the room. And for some reason? There's animal, a lioness, and it walks around and stuff, and I'm terrified of it.
The leopard eventually gets it's feet underneath it, and it starts to come up to me while the vet lady is talking to me. It just nuzzles my arm, but I am TERRIFIED. I scream and back away as far as I can, but the leopard doesn't show any intention of hurting me. I'm still scared, though.
Eventually, the vet lady gets BOTH large cats into cages and takes them away.
But right before she does I get a glimpse into the leopard's past???? It was like, a cub and it was covered in slime and mud and some malicious lady shoved it into my vent. This part of the dream ends when I board the plane and we leave.

I don't know what this means???? Please help.
(I'm 15 if my age matters)