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    Thread: Swimming pointlessly in the sea

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      Swimming pointlessly in the sea

      Hello, thanks for reading This forum has been very helpful before to me so I'd like to share another recent one in hope that someone will be able to give me some direction

      Background: male, 19 years old, going to have jaw surgery soon (which I'm very much looking forward to), nothing interesting otherwise recently

      So, I recently got back in touch with a friend I went to school with. We haven't talked in a while and she is a great girl. In my dream, I was on a school trip. It was in a pretty fancy hotel overlooking the beach. So in the dream, this girl owned a boat and there was something on the boat I was supposed to pick up. The boat was pretty far away from the beach and I suppose the thing I was supposed to pick up was very important because I ended up swimming to the boat. In real life, I'm pretty scared of depths and not being able to see what's beneath me while I swim - and I was scared in the dream, while swimming in this dark dark blue ocean/sea. I remember seeing big fish (forearm length or so) and they would occasionally brush against me.
      Now, when I swam to the place, the boat wasn't there. And I wasn't surprised, because I didn't even see this boat from the beach. But I knew I was at the right place. With this kind of "empty-headed", emotionless attitude, I just turned around and started swimming back to the beach. Occasionally, while swimming, I would realise that the water is actually pretty shallow but I didn't think much about it, just kept swimming as fast as I could.

      This is just one scene of the entire dream. It was all based on that school trip and none other situations are related to this one I think
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      I'm not really all that serious about my interpretation fo dreams.

      Perhaps it went a little like this: You thought of the girl. And this made your brain associate feelings of school and subconsciously remembered 'the times at school with ur friend' . I have literally no idea why you would dream of Hotels or Boats but that might be a personal association. Perhaps the boat simply symbolizes an island/object. Some kind of goal/knowledge that she has in posession. She always had since you where friends in high school. But you never noticed while you where still in high school. Possibly blocked by subconscious fears. Which you now know is not really a fear at all. Siginified by ur lack of emotions from being touched by fish and how you notice the water isn't really that deep. I think that fear of waters works synonymously with these fears that may have seemed bigger during teenage years. But I may be extrapolating this. In the end I think you experience little problems or challenges (and it's actually easy and smooth) and that is what you subconsciously are registering. A small victory for regaining something important you may have missed.

      This was fun for me. Let me know if yo think what I say is completely stupid. I thought it was pretty accurate ^^

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      I think that what your dream meant is that although you like this girl, you're scared of the unknown. You're fearful of what lies ahead. Would you mind helping me with my dream? I started a thread about it, Recurring Pregnancy Dreamsb if you have any questions involving your dream, don't hesitate to direct message me.
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