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    Thread: Dreaming of this teacher..... again! what does this mean?

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      Dreaming of this teacher..... again! what does this mean?

      EVERYONE SHOULD UNDERSTAND THIS: We all know that dreams are as far as we all understand are "NORMAL" to have, everyone has them whether they're good or bad right? and the dreams don't always make sense however whatever occurs can easily be the result of what you have been thinking about for either a day or a period of time, it depends how much you think of it and what this thing is. Dreams may be influenced by one's well being such as their sleep routine, bedtime, what a person eats and especially before bedtime and also what one does before bedtime. I UNDERSTAND ALL OF THIS LOL. I also understand that when we dream of people this can be a result of if we've been thinking about them, obviously and also whether its positive or negative thoughts and of course whether they are someone we like, fancy, dislike and have differences, issues with. You not only dream of people that have been on your mind a lot but about people you miss after not psychically not being near them for a while or a long time (Oops but that statement may have answered my question)

      BACKSTORY: I'm 19 and I have been at college for a few years now, I arrived when I was 15 after being home-schooled by my dad. For my first 1-2 years at college I often associated with a guy named Will, William, he was a member of staff who taught my group a little but still isn't even now a established teacher if you know what I mean? he is experienced in Art and design, I think he does that as a side job? he's about 36 I think? he is a very nice guy and can be a little quirky I suppose, I like that, he's sensible and decent but can have a very witty sense of humor. He made a good impression on me and yes I find him attractive. I can't really say that I have any "Solid" signs or evidence that he feels the same lol but he always says hi when he sees me and says my name, nods his head and perhaps smiles, I'm not sure if he smiles ? and I'm sure its nothing to overthink as girls do hehe and I understand that he's a teacher and there's an age difference, which I'm fine with actually, so yeah I understand but I still want to know the answer.......

      QUESTION: I have had a few dreams about him, yes I know its natural to dream of someone you have an attraction or a likeness for but I don't like him as much as I have others in the past or in my current present and I don't even think of him and yet he still pops up occasionally, I can't really recall the content of the dreams, perhaps the dreams are a little flirty and there's some embracing and talking and calling of names? I'm not sure I'm guessing but anyway when I say embracing and flirting in the dreams its not like the usual as it sounds type of crush dream with roes and hearts etc. its hard to explain, they're mature dreams, not kinky or inappropriate but more like encounters which spark something in me and I see what I like in him and what I like in any man, this could be a result of yearning and desires, as dreams can occur for this reason too! but I had one last night and we were still I think and he was kissing my neck, just guess because I can't remember but all I know is that's who it was and I'm attracted to him and in the dreams I feel grown up if you understand?

      I do know of all the possibilities and maybe this is wishful thinking as usual lol but the possibility I was getting at and want to ask about is, am I dreaming about him because maybe he could mean something? I don't necessarily mean if he secretly likes me hehe but more like is this person relevant to my life? or do I need to bump in to him?

      Thanks folks
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      Hi there, Emmii,

      The neck is the part of the body connecting the head to the rest of the body. Keeping in mind, it is important to understand how to govern one's emotions for the sake of the self. However, using the term "necking"... where kissing of the neck is concerned is definitely an affectionate feel. Yet, it is one's own point of view because of something the mind expounds on for to drive the emotion one is in long of. And if so, is as you say, "wishful thinking".

      I should ask you: where are you when the dream begins...? Do you recall whether it is dark or whether there is any form of light present? Knowing where you are will give key elements on what to take from this. Also, if there is any light, it shows you have some understanding of the matter into why you find yourself in that place with this person in mind. If there is darkness... You will have very little knowledge of the things you need to know as to why you find yourself in that place with this person in mind.!

      However brief, very interesting!


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