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      Recurring dreams: will something happen soon? Need answers!

      This person named Josh who is a year younger than me, I've been obsessed with for the last year but I hardly think of him these days anymore, not enough to dream about our conflict for three nights in a row! they are all different dreams, separate but all the same theme, conflict. This is a man who intrigues me and I love him, I want to know him and at least be his friend. He does know this as I told him to his face and he didn't feel the same way and he avoided me and didn't care how I felt for him. He used me psychically twice and told everyone about it when he promised he wouldn't. Its like he's never been interested in my existence or has never seen me as a friend or cared to get to know me, I guess we aren't meant to be friends but I still want to be. In the dreams its like he's being emotionally abusive and manipulative and turning people against me or like he's pulling away from me. 1st night we were sat at a birthday party I think of the girl who he likes and they we sat next to each other and someone was singing a song hinting at them flirting and I think I just went for him as in attacked him, I jumped on him 2nd dream we were having interviews with our teacher and I was putting down his work and we were being nasty and competitive and suddenly again I jumped on him in a fighting ring in a spotlight and he was on the floor with me punching his face shouting his surname and pouring my heart out. 3rd one I was at two different schools and sat in an assembly with him and I was being cocky and laughing and swearing at him. I had a most recent one too, I was at my primary school and he was there, our class was running around the school, people seemed to be racing and he ran next to me and kicked me I think then we stopped and we were flirting and I had my arms around him and spoke of love and he then pushed me away with his hands and walked ahead, earlier I think we were doing it or pining each other down on a bed upstairs in my grandparents house, also in this dream he was ignoring me in general and making nasty remarks like a bully. I'm just wondering are these pointing to a prediction? of us meeting again and making friends? I need to add that a funny thing is, these dreams are all vivid, at least the bits where I usually see him clear because even when I would fantasize about him I could never picture him clearly in my mind even though I knew what he looked like.
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      If you think about this guy alot then it would only be natural for him to show up in your dreams, How does this guy make you feel ? Happy, safe, and loved , or desperate and used, ?

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