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      Dreamed that my boyfriend got shot

      Hello, I had the most awful "dream", if not nightmare, up to this point. I've been having disturbing dreams lately but this one has upset me the most.

      I can't remember how it started off, but I somehow went to some place to adopt a dog. I got shown a pitbull, which was black and white. I've recently discussed with friends in real life how pitbulls aren't aggressive unless they're taught so, so in my dream I wasn't afraid of it. BUT it bit me on the right hand and it wouldn't let go. It felt like his jaw was tightening by the second and some guy was trying to get him to open up his mouth. Eventually he did but I had a scar already. It wasn't as bad as the one the guy showed me. Then I go out and my phone starts being weird, as if it's been hacked. I recently read about some hackers pretending to be a woman and getting government information in real life. My phone started spazzing out, I tried to text someone for help but it was like a bad autocorrect, correcting my words to something completely different so I couldn't even warn anybody. Next thing I know is I'm being chased, by someone I already knew. It felt like the dog transformed into a man and was trying to get to me. I was running in some old/ghetto neighbourhood I've never seen before, definitely not in my country. I felt scared and feared for my life. I dont't remember how but I ended up at the guy's place (who was chasing me). He's got dark hair that reaches his chin, dark sharp beard. He has a lot of friends who also have beards. They have a gun and threaten me with it. The gun is a golden revolver. I don't know what they wanted from me but I can remember the guy was pressing the gun to my head and I was trying to push it away and he was screaming. We were at a house that was connected to a little cafe/bistro. There they said they'll wait while I had to find some grey pants or something bad would happen. I went to look everywhere, frantically searching piles of freshly clean clothes stacked on top of each other. I couldn't find any grey pants, I started to panic. They were shouting for me to hurry up and the most similar thing I found was some acid washed jeans that were very light grey turning onto dark grey. I quickly grabbed them and went into the bistro but they weren't there anymore. Then I heard a gunshot. I knew something bad happened, I knew someone I cared about was shot. I started asking where they went, I got told they went past the bookstore. I walked out into the back garden and there was a little bookstore which I had to go past. Then I ended up inside some type of place where a wedding was being held. I was pacing the corridors, seeing formally dressed guests looking worried, I saw the bride herself being flocked by people and I asked where was the person who got shot. I got pointed to one of the toilet stalls and I went in there, following little blood droplets only to see my boyfriend lying on the floor, still breathing, shot somewhere around the left shoulder/closer to the heart but not quite. He was wearing flip flops, black shorts and a tank top. I instantly rushed to him, yelling and crying and I wanted to check if he's okay, I yelled at the people to call an ambulance and then I woke up.

      I don't know what any of this means, I'm just really scared for him because we aren't in the same country right now and I can't help him even if he needs me. Please help me understand what this dream means, thank you.
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