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      The dreamscape

      Dreams about yelling and swearing at people

      Lately I've been having dreams where someone will say something to me and I will completely lose it.

      I am going to visit a college soon, and I had a dream where I was at the college. Me and a bunch of other people were there, we had to take some test to see if we could get in. When we started, the lead in my pencil broke off. I asked the instructor if I could have another one, and he said no. Then he told me I probably wasn't good enough to get in anyway. When he said this I got really mad and started swearing at him, until I was forced to leave.

      I've been having a lot of dreams like this lately, which is weird because I never really get outwardly mad at people.

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      I would guess it has something to do with communicating, perhaps there is some area in your life you feel you are not being heard , a pencil or taking notes could mean you need to absorb some information as well. Or maybe you feel something is frustarating ? Just a thought :-)

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