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      What does it mean?

      So in my dream at first I'm on a train. Then I am being chased by something unknown but I know this thing is evil. Both me and this guy I know as Luke are being chased by it. The building is also collapsing around us. We then skip ahead some time and I am confessing to him that I have loved him for a long time. Even though I have blocked out my whole childhood because I was so badly bullied. I told him all this. Luke is tall and skinny with wavyish blond hair that is short. As I wok I said to him "I'll find you in the waking world" with my arm out to him as I was sucked into the darkness. This was when I woke.
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      I’m sorry that you were so badly bullied in the past. But your dream is trying to show you a few ideas about how to help heal some of the hurt and anxiety that was caused by this sad problem.

      For example, being on a train could mean that you sometimes tend to feel “controlled by” the kind of “fast and loud” ideas, beliefs and attitudes of society in general instead of being able to move forward in a more personal and unique way. This would instead be symbolized by riding a bicycle, riding a horse or driving a car etc.

      That’s because, on a symbolic analogy, a train runs on fixed rails whose location and direction are created by a huge, impersonal company or government, as opposed to an individual.

      Being chased by something unknown and evil often means that the dreamer is understandably trying to “run away from” something very painful instead of turning around in order to face it more effectively in some way.

      So it looks like it could be helpful to somehow learn to deal with the unpleasant things in your past a little better so that they don’t keep “chasing” you with such things as fears, doubts and worries etc., maybe mostly about whether you can handle some of the harder challenges of dealing with certain types of other people.

      The idea could be that you have to try harder not to “fall apart” in certain situations (e.g. the building collapses around you and Luke).

      It might be a little hard to understand, but the image of a guy in the dreams of a girl most often symbolizes potential parts of herself such as being target-orientated, confident, focused and assertive etc.

      So the dream might be saying that in order to “meet Luke in the waking world”, you should take some practical steps to do so.

      For example, brushing up on your assertiveness skills would probably be a good place to start so that you can feel more confident in all kinds of situations.

      If you feel doing this might suit your personal circumstances, you might like a couple of time-tested and reliable books, “Your Perfect Right: Assertiveness and Equality in Your Life and Relationships / Edition 9” by Robert Alberti and Michael Eammons, and “Asserting Yourself” by Sharon and Gordon Bower. These are available on such websites such as Amazon for example.

      Anyway, I hope that these ideas can be helpful in some way.

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