I was inside the house, I began looking out the window and there was three rottweilers basically in the middle of the street, two rottweilers kind of stooped in what looked like an attack mode, I thought they were going to attack the other dog and I hurried (like a normal person would) closer to the window to see, they were kind of barking or gapping or gnashing at the other dog, I saw a little smoke come out of one of the rottweiler's mouth, the smoke that comes out of a person's mouth when it's cold outside. It appears they were going to attack something or someone and was doing what seem like a normal routine (not sure if rottweilers or any animals act this this way before attacking when in packs), like to incite the other dog to be the ring leader and go and do what's in their minds to do.
I was trying to look further down to see who or what it was they were going after, they were barking at someone, I saw a few people standing, I thought they were going to attack a poor little kid (they seem to be rushing toward the kid and all I could think or imagine in my mind is them yanking that kid and tearing him to shreds), there were other people around and my eyes were racing to see who it was they were going after. Then suddenly there were like three or so people sitting down like on a couch (outside on the ground in the sun in the yard). Apparently the street was shaped like a Col-de-sac, but I don't live in that type of neighborhood. The dogs came up to the people, I was trying to wonder who it was they were going after, it seem like they were going to attack this old lady first, there was an old/elderly man who looks like he was in a wheelchair, he may have been sitting in a (metal-like) chair, an old/elderly lady, and another old or elderly individual who may have been a lady (this is in order from what would be left to right). All of the individuals were white at this point were white, I am African American and live mostly around other African Americans, though some whites live in this area, but I mostly see the African Americans around. When they approached the old lady she gasped in horror like any elderly woman would do when knowing she's about to be attacked by animals such as this. But suddenly there seems to appear a small crowd around and one individual (I'm still inside my house mind you, when windows and doors closed) one individual (on the right) "poked" in and informed her "he's trying to attack him" and points at the elderly man on the left. The elderly woman of course was relived at the information, I'm not sure if the guy informing her was black or not but the way in which he did it all I can think of was a black male, perhaps because that's the culture I'm around mostly. So the dogs went towards the old man, and got into his face and then went towards his feet and one dog just took the man's foot and just started chewing on/eating it whole, like putting it in his mouth. The man realized they were coming for him and he just sat there, not scared or afraid, not hollering for help, he just there when he realized they were coming for him and could not doing anything, like you could imagine an old elderly man who cannot move because of his age and have no option but to sit there nonchalanty and let them feed on him (or just let his attackers attack).
But as the dogs began eating his foot (the man's shoes were still on) a crowd of people came rushing around to stop it, hitting the dogs and getting them away. When one person was trying to pick up one of the dogs the dog seems to turn into a small tiger-like animal, and then the man tried again and successfully picked up (what is now a tiger-like animal) and carried the dog/animal somewhere. Suddenly, one of the dogs became a human [an African American male] (now the individuals around helping seem to be African American], one guy was slapping the dog-now-human on both cheeks with both hands, like you do with someone when you trying to wake them up or snap them out of something (not hard just enough to snap him out of eating the man's foot). The man looked to be hungry and thirsty (I think he had some kind of glasses on), he was laying flat on the ground on his belly, I think someone put some water out for him.
I went to tell someone it, I was explaining it and trying to understand what happened and mentioned how the dogs were trying to incite the other dog to do be the ring leader (as was my later assessment), and I thought maybe the dogs were very hungry to do such a thing. But that's my dream and it seems to end there.