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      Double headed red dragon statue

      Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm hoping you can help me with a dream I had yesterday. Since it's helpful to get as much info as possible, I'm going to preface my dream with some real life drama that has led in some way to this dream. This will be a little lengthy (but relevant) so grab some snacks and settle in for an interesting read! I should say that I am the vocalist and manager of my own rock band for the last 6 years and prior to that I was in another band where I shared managerial duties as well as singing with the founder of that band, we'll call him Jay. After Jay quit the band in 2012 (because of his girlfriend problems at the time), the rest of us reformed and started our own band (whose name coincidentally came to me in a lucid dream) and seeing that we had gone on without him rather than quitting, Jay eventually started a new band himself. He is sometimes difficult to deal with so his band has gone through many members over the years. We all still got along and our separate bands played shows together for a few years now and then until 2 years ago when he brought a musically inexperienced female co-worker into his band to share vocals with him, we'll call her Tina. When he first introduced Tina to us 2 years ago at one of our shows she was very unfriendly and didn't smile or speak to us hardly at all. The whole night she sat with a frown on her face and her head on Jay's shoulder which was surprising considering she is married and he has a girlfriend. Over time I found out she didn't like me because I sang in another band with Jay and because I think he might have told her I was giving him some constructive criticism regarding her voice. He had me coach some other singers he had before her so he may have suggested this to her as well, I'm not sure... this is my best guess. I discovered she had almost a dominatrix relationship with Jay and had also "ordered" him not to speak to any of us except our bass player Pat and that was only because he worked in the same building as them and Pat and Jay were close friends at one time. Pat was "allowed" to sub on bass when they lost their bass player and told us that at one of their practices Tina had declared "This is MY band now, deal with it!" About a year ago my guitar player Derick and I were out at a local show that Jay and Tina were also attending when I walked outside to see Jay and Derick talking so I joined them. Jay was starting to ask me a question when Tina walked out and when she saw us talking she ran up and started beating on his back and arm with her fist and screamed "You're not supposed to be talking to them, especially HER!" As Jay was taking Tina aside to talk to her I heard her say "F**K YOU" under her breath as she walked past me so even though that's not something I would ever normally say to anyone, I repeated it back to her which I think took her by surprise because up until this point I was just silently watching this all go down, probably with my mouth hanging open, as was Dericks. She repeated it back to me again even louder which by now already had the security guards attention so they stopped them and talked to them. Jay and Tina spoke for a few moments alone then they both walked back over to us and she said "Go ahead!" Jay then very timidly asked the question he was starting to ask when she first walked out. He spoke so softly (which is NOT like Jay AT ALL) that I had to ask him to repeat it. When he repeated his question she yelled "I said ONE question!" and turned to walk back into the venue so Jay followed. When they reached the door security pulled them back out and said something to them and then let them go inside. Jumping to the present day, I recently tried to find out why Jay puts up with all this, especially because everyone says what a terrible singer she is so I know it wasn't just me. He and I were once close but since we no longer talk I had to find out through someone else he said that she has put a lot of money into the band and he is indebted to her. So here is the dream I had yesterday.... I was in a huge million dollar mansion in a room on the 2nd floor of the home surrounded by musical equipment everywhere. I was literally stepping over guitar pedals to walk. A multi band show was being held in the house, but I am unsure if my own band was playing since none of my band members were in the dream. The room had what seemed like a huge bay window that could also have been glass walls that overlooked a backyard area where members from other bands were loading and unloading their equipment. I overheard Jay speaking to the owner of the home in another room, saying something like "I'm happy we got to play and expand our reach". A few minutes later I saw him through the window walking outside and carrying a large red two headed dragon statue. He stopped and looked up at me with a solemn look on his face and that's when I woke up. I feel like the red two headed dragon statue has a lot of significance in the dream, I'm just not sure what it means. All interpretations welcome!
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      In your dream, it seems that Jay was carrying his girlfriend (Tina the statue) into the gig so you knew that there was going to be trouble...

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      The dragon is an idol in his life. The idol is fame. Because he says “thanks for playing to expand his reach” (fame). His drive for fame has become a burden for him. The symptoms of that burden is double mindedness (the two heads) and anger(red).

      You have a part to play in his freedom. I don’t know your spirituality or religion but these dreams usually are called intercession dreams (prayer) The creator reveals secrets about someone for you to pray for. After praying you might see some positive change in his life.

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