Initially I went over to my mothers house. It was just me and her. She was watching HGtV and rearranging the decor I the house as sheís always done. She sent me to the garage to fine some red screws.
I opened the front door and it was raining hard. The lay out of the house was different so I had to walk along the wall of the house to get to the garage and not get wet. The garage Door also had a window, I could see my car parked and in the yard there was a black truck. It was on the grass and looked like it was from the neighbor. My mom comes out to meet me but I didnít find any red screws and she goes back inside.

I go in and this time itís like Iím in a restaurant. I still see my moms furniture but people were at tables eating. Iím looking through drawers trying to find the screws and I can hear the people whispering.I have anxiety so I was already uncomfortable being there. I was thinking how could she have a restaurant in her house. Sometimes the people said I was stealing.There was nothing to steal, most of the drawers were filled with markers and pens. At one point I found money in one of the drawers and freaked out because how could she leave money In a room with all these people. Someone grabbed the envelope from me and tried to act like it was theirs and I yelled in the room, ďliar,liarĒ thatís not yours ďlook at the liar trying to say that belongs to themĒ and they gave it back I rushed though the house to find my mom, but all I saw were more people. All the way to the kitchen behind the counter I saw a door that led to my moms half. I realized the house was Split the other half was where my mother was. I made my way back to the front and people were watching football on a theatre screen as I was going out the front door I hear a man call my name. I still went out. My moms house was now pink instead of red. The lawn and garden were beautiful, everything manicured and well taken care of. I pressed the door bell but no answer. I decided to try to get in the back yard because I didnít want the man that was calling me to see me. I went through the back and saw a bunch of people in a pool. There was a dog in the yard and he started barking. I told my brother to open the door for me. Iím walking back to the front of the house and the neighborhood changes Iím now blocks away from my house and I canít remember how to get back. Iím in my underwear and I am topless so Iím covering my boobs. 2 guys are
Following me. I yell ď if you come near me Iíll kill youĒ I continue to walk the route I remember and 2 women were walking towards me, the men still followed behind. The women started a fight and I helped them beat them up. I told them what was happening and they knew my cousin and the way to get back to the house. They walked with me. Dream end

** I can t place an age in this dream, I know it's not the age I am now (27) but I felt younger. I was old enough not to be living with my mom but I didn't feel grown.

**this is the first time Ive had such a detailed dream in a while what does it mean?