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    Thread: Framed a murder with Telekenisis

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      Framed a murder with Telekenisis

      So this was a rather interesting dream.

      In this dream, I found out that I, somehow, had the ability to move objects just by applying a little concentration on them and directing my open palm or finger at it. It could have been a book or a large rock, I could move it with my mind. The whole time I was thinking that I was some type of Jedi. It was a lot of fun. I guess you could call this telekinesis, right? I didn't fly or shoot energy from my hands, I could just move objects with my mind and hands. I may have been able to do the former, but I didn't try.

      Then something interesting happened. Me and a bunch of other people were outside in some suburban neighborhood at night near a tree and one person in particular caught my interest. He seemed like nobody special and he was just lying under the tree having a good time with everybody else there, who I believe I was also friends with but nobody stood out to me as familiar. Next to this guy under the tree was an old rifle, like one of the old Kentucky long rifles. He picked it up and started examining it. This is when I began to toy around with him. I used my powers, trying to act unnoticeable and subtly, to make him just wave the gun around in various directions for a few seconds, then I made him point the gun at one other person there and made him pull the trigger on the gun. At first he was confused, then he got really worried.

      The next scene had him pacing frantically instead some home, I believed to be his, and I was just walking with him calmly, wondering if he'd ever realize what he did and if I had to do anything else to cover my tracks, or if I should just come out and tell him that I'm the one that essentially killed the person, even if I didn't hold the weapon.

      That's all I remember, or at least, all I remember that's of relevance to this particular part. Everything else in the dream took place either in some random school I didn't recognize or in some other unrelated setting. What do you all make of this dream? I'm stumped.
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      psychokinesis is usually how I test my dreamstate, I love that stuff. give the ol' Darth Vader chokeout!

      If you notice me while you're dreaming, don't be a stranger...say when!

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      Ending The War

      It's fun to have the control to move your knowledge or a large obstacle, by being open or direct.
      This is probably what you want to achieve.

      In this way, maybe you can kill your old (like the gun was old) self, regarding others. Or "kill" another giving trouble or stopping you having a good time perhaps, as the Kentucky long rifle symbolizes an old war.
      Rather than aiming all directions, perhaps that others made you do who are not familiar to you, or who you'd rather not be familiar, though should be friends.
      You wanted to use your power unnoticeable and subtly, and your aim went all over the place with no effect. As if to say you must be direct.
      So maybe the gun was pointed at you, causing you confusion and worry, probably at how things are now.
      Maybe you are confused at your part in this and how to end it.

      It seems that as a result, the side of you involved in this frantically paces backwards and forwards, but you want to calm yourself.
      Do you realize, or cover it up? Or is it that they don't realize? Do you be open and direct and come out with it, to end the harm?

      So the school you don't recognize sounds like not learning yet.

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