I had a dream last night were I m a cat girl solider with grey ears and tail. I am decent looking and wearing white tshirt and blue jeans. I start attacking my allies because I jut learned they were evil.. I kill them all as I go down this elevator with A LAVA PIT AND TUNNEL THAT IT COOL. i EVEN KILL THEM GOING DOWN THE TUNNEL AS WE DISCUSS POLITICS OF THE WORLD. AFTER THIS i REACH A POOL OF WATER with a voice nearby that ask me to drink room it. it turn out it forces me to drink the hole pool but I get nothing nut supper speed from it, for some reason I hear my former allies leader discussing how the bad he wants me gone.also how badly I have been beating them in battle{as if there had been several battles}I run back to the elevator as this happens and for some reason the place is now populated by restaurants. I set to eat some ice cream filled with tooth picks I just keep eating it and spiting out the tooth picks. as it turns out as the villain explains the ice cream is derugged. so then I start fleeing but without my super speed and before I make it to the surface running down white stuff filed corridors the dream begs me to write it as as a story. t begs and begs rfor me to writer and the dream ends when iu get really close to the surface but II never reach it,

in real life though I am having problems getting motivated to do anything but lay in bad. I am listening to subliminal messages for feminizing reasons and my dad has one to two years to live according to my doctor. this was said tgree months ago... and my community support specialist says i keep planning for after he's goe maybe I'l cross dress as a tom boy.