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      Pulling out hair/string out of mouth

      I went to rest during the day and noticed I had like hair or something in my mouth. I start to pull it and it's maybe a foot long so I think it might be my hair. But I keep pulling it and now it's atleast 2-3 feet long, and I don't know anyone with that long hair but think that it might be some womans hair and that my (ex)girlfriend is going to freak out if she finds out I had another womans hair in me. I get out of bed and keep pulling it and now it gets to several meters long, and it's texture is more that of a string, and I have to be cautious not to drive it out too fast to burn/risp my throat, and also, the string gets intertwined between my teeth so I have to be careful not to pull out my teeth with it. It appears that I have an extra row of teeth behind my under teeth as well, where the string also gets intertwined. The string seems to never end and I wake up before having pulled it out completely.

      I know many people have similar dreams but I can't find a satisfactory answer. The hair/string was black.
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      Have you had being true to yourself concerns, or communication issues maybe with your ex-girl, growing for a long time?
      It looks like your deeper self is wanting to come out and be expressed.

      The hair is this single thought going on long, that never seems to end. But caution to take it slowly so not to burn yourself, nor perhaps unroot, or break you, relations, or communication.
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