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      Theaters, Two Headed Snakes, and Dreams within dreams, oh my.

      So I had a weirder than usual dream.

      First the description of myself is going to sound odd...I am a 31yrs/Woman who has no family except for my friends as I was orphaned as a teen. I am polyamorus, demisexual, and married. I live with my my husband of 2yrs (been together 4yrs) and two roommates/friends. One friend (male) I have known 2 yrs who and the other is my best friend (male). I will say that I do have e a slight crush on my best friend but he is not poly and I respect that.

      Recently I finally got into the industry of my dream career, so things have been looking up.

      Typically when I dream of people I know we are doing normal things and they do not act out of character.

      For example: My best friend is awkward and Goofy and gets clumsy when he gets nervous.

      So the dream

      I am in a mall looking waiting to get food feeling impatient because I get that way in lines. I don't order they seem to just not and get started making a sandwich when I get to the counter, but somehow I just know that they getting my sandwich completely wrong. After three or four times, I give up and I go to the movie theater within the mall without getting food. I don't recall walking there I just am suddenly walk through the doors of the theater. It is built like a regular theater except instead of acsending rows it is jus one giant bed. At first I am they only one there but suddenly my best friend, is there watching with me. My best friend kisses me, it seems impulsive and not at all what he intented to do. He panics, starts stumbling over his words and apologizing furiously. I stop him and say, "Why did you assume I would be upset?" He responded with "Oh thank god." And kisses me again. We start making out and when things become no longer hesitant and adorably awkward, I start feeling like something is wrong. This isn't like my friend at all and I suddenly thought, this is a dream. I wake up but realize that I can't move.

      I can hear people talking but my eyes won't open. A woman with a soft but firm voice says I need more rest. A man who sounds desperate and afraid argues that this kind of sleep is dangerous. I can't help but drift off again but feel confused and a little scared. I wake up back in the theater as if I had fallen asleep there and can't find my friend, I want to find him but am not sure why. Suddenly the screen cuts to black. I knew something was playing on it previously but never noticed what it was. It cuts on again looking as if it is a mirror and the lights come on. The theater is empty. I hear a loud unfamiliar man's voice, like he is on a PA system, say let it bite you. I look around but see nothing.

      Then I look at the giant mirror and there is a giant two headed snake next to me, Which scares me stupid. One head bites me immediately, I think it was painful, but I was too scared to notice. I start hitting it, trying to scratch it, something, as it wrapped itself around me. Then the other head bites the one biting me. I fight for a bit and manage to get loose as the two heads fight each other and I run the first chance I get.

      I wake up again and still can't move or open my eyes. The desperate sounding man is trying to wake me. The woman is trying to stop him and calling for people to help her. I drift off again and I am in a ballroom it is spacious, and looks opulent but not gaudy with white and gold decorations.... I think....and has many doors lining the walls. I don't think I am wearing shoes. It is empty and you can hear the echo of my steps as I walk, it feels cold. As I walk around I go to try to open the doors. None of them open but when I touch them I get the impression of a puzzle, like something needs to be done to open it but I have no clue what.

      It was then that the dream ended.

      Sorry for the long post, I was really interested in any insights on this. Typically I tend to try to interpret my own dreams but this one was just a bit much for me.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask and thank you for your time.

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      To me, it seems to me that this dream suggests part of you wants to have sexual activity with whom you want, part of you wants to remain respectful to others, and part of you feels trapped by the conflict of the two former parts and wants to escape from it.

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