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      I can interpret

      I remember in I think it was 2010 or 2011 that Japan was hit by that massive Tsunami.

      About four days before it happened I was in the Psych ward getting my meds straightened out. I dreamed that I was back in my home town. I was walking up the road and everything was torn up, like a tornado had came thru.

      I remember seeing ppl having sex and damage was everywhere.

      I look up at the sky and see a huge Sphinx. It had seven eyes in the shape of a triangle on its forehead.

      Then I looked up and there was a great boulder where the Sphinx was.

      I didnít put two and two together until recently.

      The Seven eyes represent the seven Dragon Balls of Dragon Ball super.

      The Sphinx represents Beerus the god of destruction from DBS.

      The destruction everywhere means that Dragon Ball super was blaspheming the One true God. Jesus Christ.

      In the Bible Jesus is represented as the Rock of Salvation.

      The boulder means that God will ultimately prevail.

      Now donít get me wrong idk if the tsunami happened because the creators of Dragon Ball Z started to raise the bar and started calling the characters gods.

      But from what I know and believe is that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jocob is the only God there is.

      And Japan was punished before the idea ever got out that they where going to be making fun of the one and only true God.

      Jesus Christ.

      Please anyone here Iím just explaining what the Lord told me thru impressions about this dream.
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