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      I don't want to use your light...I don't want you to read it the newspaper...Vision within a dream

      It begin in a warehouse with a lot of doors which was closed but ran along the outer walls to small rooms. The center of the warehouse was open and empty although this was only half of the warehouse. I was in the office which was located in the center front of the warehouse. I was sitting at one desk which faced half of the warehouse. There was another desk behind me which faced the other half of the warehouse. All the lights was on and it was bright. A man was there (I'll refer to him as Hank). Hank and myself was in the office. Which had 3 doors. One was on the side I was sitting and led out onto Hank's half of the warehouse. The other door was next to the other desk which led out to the other half of the warehouse. And the third door was along the wall between the desk which went into a short hallway that led to the outside.

      I was sitting at Hank's desk. He said he was going to do a walk-a-round and walked out my side of the warehouse door. Just as the door shut he came right back. He stated I don't want yours (refering to my flashlight). I want mine. He walked towards me and grabbed his flashlight. Then he went back out. I thought to myself why is he walking around like he is running out of time. Then I looked around at every detail of where we were at because I was confused. I never left the desk but I heard him comeback at which time I looked over my right shoulder. Hank just appeared right next to me gripping onto a newspaper folded in half and he had it tight against his chest. I was bewildered. Hank said in a stern manner. He didn't want me to read it and threw it into the center of the warehouse onto a desk with a desk lamp. The desk wasn't there when I was looking around trying to make sense of everything. But the newspaper landed up against the desk lamp and fell half open onto the desk which was over 100ft away. As I watched it land it was blurry and I knew I wouldn't be able to read it. So I was going to look away until all of a sudden it became very clear and I was able focused on it. It was the front page of the sports section with an up-close picture of a baseball player which took up half of the whole page. (I don't watch sports so I had to do some research. It was an up-close picture of Derek Jeter''s left side of his face smiling in a Yankees uniform).

      Then I heard a woman's voice from the short hallway to the outside. She said "Hold the door open for him." (I didn't recognize her voice and didn't see her either) but I asked which one? I got up to open the door to the outside and then noticed it moved from the center of the office. Right next to the desk where I was sitting. I opened the door and held it with my left leg. I gripped onto the side of the doorway like a child and looked into the short hallway with curiosity. I knew all that was happening felt real but I knew it wasn't. As I was peering into the short hallway that's when I saw another door to the right which was wide open all by itself and I could see into Hank's side of the warehouse. With my head up against the doorway looking on I noticed something out the corner of my left eye. It was a vision within a dream. The vision looked into Hank's son room. His son was in bed and was rubbing his face like he was just waking up. His son said "Dad can I have a hot dog." Hank said yes as he walked threw the door I was holding open just for him and straight threw the open door to the warehouse in which he turn right to go make his son a hot dog. I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was 8:33. I smiled, laughed, shook my head, and went back to bed.

      Hank is a former friend that I haven't talk to in years. I don't have anything going on in my life right now but slowly moving forward. I'm not a sports person at all so I don't understand why would I dream of the sports page. But in my research I did notice baseball season starts in March which is just around the corner. Just as much as this dream didn't make sense when I was dreaming. It still doesn't make sense awake. There was so many doors and why did I need to hold the door for someone else that I haven't seen nor talked to in years? And what really got me was a vision in a dream that was as real as a memory. Why or how can I have a dream and a vision during the dream which had to completely different settings at once? This is not the first dream that I have had like this. But I am going to add my previous dreams in my journal. If you have any thoughts, ideas, insights, or lessons from your own dreams please share. I am not able to get on here everyday but I will do my best to check it as often as possible. Thank you for reading and sharing as I read yours.

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      It's like you are in storage, with two halves or two sides, and the other person.
      But the other is not wanting your light or sight, running out of time.
      The newspaper is folded in half, against his heart.
      The centre needed the light. The heart.

      Just as were about to look the other way, you read the news was sports which means playing in a team. It was half open, just one side not both.
      Hence, your left or unknown side could be smiling if that other half lived. Jeter was one of the most popular players.

      And, "Hold the door open for him," was this social voice.
      The outside door moved from the center to you therefore, you being the center or needing to be. And your left, unknown or less-used, leg or movement ahead in this game, held it open.
      Funny it was a short hallway, as Jeter was a shortstop, betweeen second and third base, just like your second and third doors.
      And it was real, but in your mind as in thinking of what should be real, so not actually real as yet.

      You could see on the right or for real the other half.
      A hot dog, though not good for you, is hot in the middle with two halves, and very tasty. So the son of Hank is the new birth which can come from the not-so-social side.
      You literally woke up just as you were waking up within yourself.

      So many doors of opportunity, perhaps seeming closed, so you held the door for someone else represented by who you haven't seen nor talked to in years.
      The vision is your real vision in life - real as a memory.

      If you have questions or disagreements, feel free.

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      I didn't see it at first, but believe it or not could mean waking up to that two incomplete halves join to make one whole.

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