My first dream is I'm being escorted into a mostly outdoor prison as a convicted arsonist, and I'm actually tied to my escorting prison guard with half my chest against half his chest. He's also one of my victims with damage to his face. He's just professional telling me where I am going while I'm just listening and following instructions, but I woke up wanting to embrace him with weeping apologies.
In the second dream I'm in a vast prison courtyard, miles wide, with grass and bushes. Huge rabbits or hares are coming out of the ground, they're white with big ears, unafraid, and mostly in my way. The bicycle mini road next to my home was there (I rarely go for walks on) and so was my childhood home. I was going in & out the back door (where the kitchen is) with other people inside, and almost tripping over these hares outside the door.
The night before I was heavily meditating on my inner healing and strengthening. Apparently the progress I made stirred up some things.