I had these dreams in the same night, but I'm not sure if they are related or not. Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on either of them, and I'm especially curious to who the "homeless" man may be in the first dream and the meaning of what the monster things tell me in the second part of the dream. Any comments at all would be helpful. Thanks!!

A few of my friends and I are in this weird kind of house place. We are trying to find our way out, but itís kind of like a fun house where we had to find our way out. Weíd go through certain rooms and have to find secret doors or small places to crawl through. It seems like certain rooms had little puzzles that weíd have to figure out before we could go on, but I canít remember any in particular. I remember how we were lost, but yet at the same time these people who were like business people came in like they were going to work, and it didnít really make any sense. One dude had this extremely tiny little office he went to. In one room there was a few jigsaw puzzles spread out all over the place and we had like 2.5 minutes to get them all together. It seemed like we wouldnít have enough time. If we didnít make it in time there were a bunch of these mini tanks in there that I guess were supposed to shoot us, but I donít think they would have been able to actually kill us. I start working on some pieces and then my friend and I discover that we can put ours together. I think our puzzle seemed to have a scary or dark theme. Then for some reason I get distracted and in this little dish thing there's sand with all these tickets hidden in it. They are blue, yellow, and red. I think yellow was worth the most points or whatever. All of a sudden this seems more important, and I am trying to find as many as I can before the time ran out. I have a huge handful of them and lots of yellow when I get the urge to give some of the others some of my yellow ones. I donít really want to do it, but I give them some but still keep more for myself. Then we must see some business looking type guy and ask him how to get out. Amazingly he shows us this door that leads to outside, and we are surprised at how easy it was. Iím kind of scared to walk out of the door at first, but then we walk outside into this amazingly beautiful day. I think we cross a street then know we have to go talk to this homeless looking guy. (Before I remember thinking this was like Saw the movie). This homeless guy may have been running everything and testing us, but Iím not for sureÖ?? There were four of us at this point, but now I think the people have changed, and I'm not sure I know who they are. He criticizes each of us and says how two of the girls did well. Then I see all my tickets and even these white paper ones that were worth 20 points each, which I didnít see before, and he tells me how I was too greedy. I am angry because I did give some of my tickets away while the other girl he praised had a huge pile of yellow ones that she didnít share with anybody. The other kid who was a male was also being criticized for his actions in the "house".
Me and maybe my boyfriend(Iím never sure of people because they are constantly changing) are in like this attic type room. Itís dark and old looking in there, and there might be a window Iím not sure. It seems like these monster/demon/people things keep trying to get in, and I think we are trying to keep them out sort of. (The monster things feel more evil than anything but look mostly human I think.) Finally, one big one comes in and I think he has a name of some sort that I canít remember, but I think we just let him have the room. I think he may have been a hooded type figure. We go downstairs into this like store type place. I remember I tell my boyfriend to hide, and I hide under this clothes rack thing and slip into this other little place even more hidden. I think Tony hides in like a shelf type cabinet thing. At some point I realize itís pointless and that the monster things will probably see me so I crawl out. Maybe a younger monster type demon thing is out there, and I remember Iím not really that scared of him. Thereís like these huge chocolate raisinette things in this glass container, and I get them out somehow and eat them. They might help to protect me or something Iím not really sure. Then the monster thing says something about how it wonít be longÖ I canít remember his exact words but he worded it kind of strangely. He basically meant it wonít be long before they could get meÖ I think thatís why Iím not really scared because they canít get me yet, but it seems to only be a matter of time until they can.