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      Had this dream a couple times now, its starting to annoy me

      This dream has reaccured me for the last two nights. Those two nights I had 4 of them, 2 every night. I'm sure my conscious needs to tell me something right away.

      I'll be in a room sitting around probably doing something that wasn't quite entertaining. Then they'll be a average family that'll come attack me; a dad, mother, son, daughter. They'll be vampires. I'd run in a corner or trying to fight them off then run in a corner scared. They'll always stop... probably thinking that they're messing with an innocent young kid. The mother will always walk up slowly and tell me to relax, and everything was going to be okay. Every dream lately of her she was nice. Then she'd slowly bite into my right hand (top side) about the middle of it. I'd still be a little scared as she bites into it. Then she doesnt go straight in biting. She goes into a little turn when biting like she's trying to peel off my skin around it. Then she'd stop biting, then I'd feel like I'm changing into a vampire, then I am one. I'll feel a sharp teeth growth on my teeth it usually is on for a vampire. Then I'd wake up and it'll be like almost 12:05am.

      It does almost the exact same every time I dreamed it. It's bothering me cause lately I've been trying to do WILD but dont want to be in that scene.

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      I don't know how old you are but I think this is about your fear of becoming a family man!
      It is the mother who approaches you because she represents the woman who becomes your wife leading to the family. Vampirism is the draining of your life energy, and she took your hand meaning in marriage and hands can represent your relationship with people.

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      Also, this is a very blatant dreamsign. I say take a break from WILDs and just train yourself to recognise this scene and become lucid as a result. Might as well make the the best out of a bad situation!


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