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      Short but sweeeeeet

      Here's a little background from what I've done recently that might deal with this dream: I have been watching bits of Jurrasic Park. My theatre troope went to a competition where we lost, but I made All Star Cast along with a fellow actress who got honorable mention. I got pissed at my sister an dam still pretty mad at her. I started playing some Doom (the old one) along with SNES games. I am almost through reading a fantasy book "Abhorsen". And I haven't even thought about skateboarding and space camp for over six months.

      I was in a dark game room/arcade. I get the feeling that I had already been dreaming for quite a while, but my memory starts here. I walk around the room, and the first game to catch my eye is one of those cyclone games, the ones with the light that goes around the edges thats under a bubble. I notice that the jackpot was recently won. I look up and notice that the only games that are lit up are the older games, without screens, things like "shoot out" and "whack a mole". I'm not afraid of the dark room, which I normally would be, I just wonder why so many of the good games are off. My sister is now beside me, on my left and we walk in a straight line past a skateboard game, like tony hawk. I somehow know its a skateboard game even though its not lit up and has no board, it has a pair of guns instead. I also notice a space simulator, like one of the ones that you can find at NASA's space camp. It is basically a big backpack that is controlled with a joystick, mainly used for spacewalks. I know this isn't the first simulator I've seen here, they seem to be a regular thing. I step up into the backpack and close my eyes, they remain closed for the rest of the dream. *

      I feel a pressure as I move the backpack in my left thigh, like something has me in a vice. I feel like I'm on a rollere coaster instead of the pack. Then I feel that it isn't a roller coaster, but a set of space rings, another space simulator. I notice somehow that I am no longer at the arcade, but in a skytram car or something (a big metal box with a sliding door moving through the air). Then I see THROUGH MY EYELIDS a medium sized raptor (dinosaur) with a dorsal ridge, it looks my way, and I realize I'm dreaming. I remember without thinking that the lucid task from last month was to call down lightning on yourself, so I do it. My eyes are still closed, but I feel my body spasm with electricity, but it doesn't hurt. Then I am so exited that I wake myself up to record this dream before it fades. *

      I wake up, record it and am so exited, I don't fall asleep for at least two more hours. *
      I'm open to interperetation by anyone, have a ball!
      Live for the day.

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      You explained your dream in you background, you obviouly had been spending too much time playing games and thinking of such topic matter as you mentioned which inspired your dream, so..... shut your damn old school mouth mr. SNES and go watch jurrasic park

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      Well first off Vintage Rum, you need to calm down a bit. This is a thread for interpretations not presumptions. Also, there is no need to lie on the skill level.

      Hello Awake And Dreaming,

      I find your dream is saying that you need to pay more attention to the “creator not the creation” if that makes sense. In a way, it could mean that there is more to things than just the characteristics. The person behind the creation, so to speak.

      Also, it could mean that something’s in your life aren’t ready for you at the moment, they, or you need time to adjust. If no time is spent on the details, then things won’t make much sense and become confusing.

      Good luck.

      - Axis

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