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      Tidal Wave Dream...

      Hi Everyone,

      I am new to this site and have never really tried to interpret my dreams before, b/c i usually don't remember them. But last night i had one of those dreams that you can never forget...the kind you wake up and even though you know it wasn't real you still feel shaken...Here's what happened:

      I was in my house (which is the house i grew up in and just recently moved back into while i am looking for a new apartment) I believe i was alone in the house. A tidal wave came over the house but didn't damage it. I immediately felt relieved, then i looked out the window and saw another one coming. This one damaged the house, but i was fine. I remember a lot of commotion in the streets. I went upstairs, (i don't know why i went, but i remember thinking i had to check the house out) i went into the room that i slept in when i was growing up(it's not the same room i use now) and i saw a friend of mine (kellie). However it was just her head and neck...the rest of her body was taken off in the tidal wave...it was really gruesome looking. She was begging me to help her end her life. She was saying that she had a horrible life and couldn't take any more pain. But i couldn't do it.

      The weird part about this is recently i have been thinking about kellie a lot. We grew up together and were always very good friends. I moved away and we lost touch. We never had any falling out or anything, just simply lost touch. Recently i have been thinking about her and want to find her and catch up. I miss our friendship a lot. Her mom still lives down the street from me, but i feel weird knocking up and asking about her.

      The dream ended with me trying to figure out how i could help kellie. The back of the house was ripped off in the tidal wave and her head/torso thing was hanging over the edge. It's very hard to describe even though i remember it in my mind pretty well. The 2 main things i want to understand is of course the tidal wave and also why i saw kellie in the image of her dying/or in great pain and agony.

      If anyone could help i would really appreciate it.

      Thanks! stephanie

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      You likely dreamed about it because of your recent thoughts of Kellie. Dreams naturally hinge on desires and fears, including desires to see friends again and fears of them getting hurt. Not really coincidence at all. Most of the fear you felt was self-perpetuated, worries caused by worries caused by worries. Originally you just worried that you wouldn't get in touch with Kellie, but then you had the dream, which fed more worries onto the fire.

      I'd just relax, take things easy. If it makes you feel better, try to get a hold of her again. Still have an old phone number or email address? If that fails, check MySpace. Most everybody has a page on there now, probably including her.

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      Dear Steph,

      It seem like the kind of dream where one gets the feeling that the best parts of one's childhood are being washed away by the disruptions of adulthood.


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