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      Dissapointing Someone of Importance?

      I found this site searching around for dream interpretations, so I hope you guys can help me out!

      [ Background ]

      I'm a sixteen year old (female) student and I have a twenty-six year old teacher whom I admire and respect very much. To me, he's kind of like a father or an older brother, as he's concerned and looks out for my well-being and he also talks with and gives me advice. I've developed a sort-of dependence on him.

      Recently, we've talked about religious beliefs. I'm an Atheist and he's a Christian. He thinks that my way of thinking is sad and he has suggested that I go to a church group with him. I'm very reluctant to change my beliefs, but I told him I'd go and give "Christianity" a shot, so to not disappoint him. I believe this is significant to my dream.

      [ The Dream ]

      In the dream, both my teacher and I are in a bar. I already kind of connected this with a church, since I'm not really supposed to be in either. (Church because I'm Atheist and bar because I'm underage) Being in such an environment didn't phase me, however. Sitting behind my teacher is a woman of African American descent. She becomes angered, pulls out a gun, and shoots my teacher in the back of his head. Upon being shot, my teacher takes a knife and stabs his forehead. I become scared and stab myself in exactly the same manner that he had. I presume he's dead, and I start to run away from the bar, for fear of being shot. Even without my license, I manage to take his car and drive clear across the state to Saint Louis, where his dad works as a well-known doctor. (In actuality, his father is a well-liked preacher.) While driving, I notice that the knife stuck in my forehead does not hurt at all. When I reach the hospital his dad is at, I tell him that his son has died and I leave, knife in head and all. By the time I leave, the wound has healed, though, the knife was never removed.

      [ Conclusion ]

      I've already looked up some general key phrases from my dream, and that's why I think it may have to do with my religious beliefs and him accepting me, but I'm not sure. I'm wondering if anyone here can give me a more clearer insight. Also, I'm curious as to what role the African American woman plays in my interpretation because I haven't been able to connect her with anything in regards to my real life.

      Thanks for your time!

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      I think you are right about the bar, and that this dream is about your beliefs. One way to define a belief is something you are willing to die for. That seems like the reason he finished the job with his knife. You on the other hand, seem to have jumped off the bridge because he did. As you distance yourself from him and the bar, or his beliefs, the better you become.

      Other than that, your background information makes it seem like you did not really have a dad growing up. That seems like more of a concern. If that's true, I'm willing to say that's the reason why you are Atheist. Feel free to ignore this paragraph, though.

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      Being in a bar with your 26 year old teacher, doesn't bother you even though you are underage. I think it does bother you. I think, well, you do realize something inappropriate is going on. You say you've "developed a sort of dependence on him." There is some violation of boundaries here--it sounds like and on some level, you know it.

      Being stabbed in the head sounds like being wounded intellectually. You've made an intellecual choise to be an Atheist. You stab yourself exactly the way he stabs himself--maybe a reflection of his influence on you. But this doesn't hurt you. You take control; you drive the car and arrive (as far as I know) without incident at the destination you chose. Strong will and good control of your life, I think.

      It looks as if you are going to the hospital for help for your injury. The teacher's father is a doctor in the dream; whereas, in reality, he is a well-known preacher--which doesn't seem surprising as your teacher is preaching to you. You may see preacher as a healer and want to explore religion--maybe on your own or with a friend your age or parent.

      Anyway, the injury is incidental. You say it "does not hurt at all." So, your real mission besides getting you out of the bar is to tell the teacher's father that his son is dead. You really aren't seeking help for yourself and you don't especially need it. I think the knife stuck in your forehead is this thought of religion that has been implanted in your mind. The wound has healed, but the knife remains.

      In your dream, this man, your teacher takes you to a place where your life is endangered. Well, this doesn't seem good. Maybe it's a cue to you that things aren't completely on the level? I don't know. Or do you regard religion as a threat to you? Knife in the forehead.

      The women of African American descent is an interesting character. Are you writing African American to be politically correct? Is there something about her that seems distinctly African? Could you describe her a little better. She is sitting behind your teacher. She becomes enraged. Since this dream is so much about religion and this man, do you have a feeling about how African Americans or this particular woman feel about Christianity? Anyway shooting him in the back of the head, injury to the intellect--not sure. Then, he injures himself. Not her, in self-defense or in defense of you, but stabs himself. Which is the fatal injury? Something just doesn't seem right about how you feel about this guy. How together is his head?


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