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      reoccuring dream

      I have been having a reoccuring dream in which i slowly lose contact with my boyfriend throughout the day and I start panicking and wake my self up. For instance I had a dream where I was busy with my brother one day and knew my bf would be busy too. when I was waiting for him to come over...he never came. I called his cell and got nothing, when I tried the number he had left on his voicemail I finally reached him but he was mad and had taken off out of town. I started to worry and panic and woke myself up. The most recent one was he had taken off to another city and I was trying to find him. We were talking on our cells together and it kept on getting fuzzier and fuzzier till I lost reception with him and had absolutely no contact with him and again I started to worry. so Its been 3 dreams like this and I always wake myself up with a racing heart. I dont know what it means or even a symbol i could look up for this.

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      Hey there!

      It kinda sounds like your boyfriend is distancing himself or maybe more accurately that he just is not going to be available to the degree that you want/need. You lost reception with him. It sounds as though your subconscious mind is telling you that the connection is going or gone. You repeatedly have the dream or similar dreams. This sounds like an issue to discuss with him. Actions speak louder (and truer) than words.

      Best Luck


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