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      I had one of the most thrilling dreams last night!

      I remember at first seeing police officer talking to a fat guy. I think he said "I'm insurance" and the fat guy says "I'm ice cream". He then walks into the street where a thousand railroad trains speed past him. Afterwards, the fat guy walks to an ice cream stand and gets a chocolate peanut butter vanilla ice cream. I wanted one so I took one from the stand and it tasted more like a donut rather than ice cream.

      Then I was in the family van. It was white and my dad was driving, mom and I were the passengers. We were driving on a bridge highway over the ocean. When we were half way home, I saw something eye catching. It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a passenger jet sandwiched between two other jumbo jets! They were huge and they seemed to be descending over some buildings.

      After looking more closely, I realized the planes were making a crash landing - towards us! As I was focusing on one of the planes, it was crashing through girders and sliding on another highway intersecting with the one we were driving on. The plane then became so close I could see people inside and the pilot! I could even feeling the roar of the engines! Suddenly, I hear the pilot saying into the radio "People in the white van, clear the gate!" I'm pretty sure he meant "Get the @#$% outta the way!" So I yelled at my dad and told him to speed up. As soon as I did, it was too late, the ground in front of us gave way and we plummeted into the ocean.

      When we made first contact with the ocean, I saw the characters from Cars, a Pixar film. I'm not sure if we were rescued by them or not but the scene suddenly changed from a wrecked highway to me at home with my parrots. They acted normal until I punched one of them for crapping on my shirt!

      I woke up realizing what just happened. My first thought about the plane crash was "Whoa! That was the most awesome way to die!" What significance could have come out of this dream?

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      that's the coolest dream i've read about in a loooong time
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