A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was in the same sceniaro as what Devils Rejects was based on. I was in a house that I couldn't get out of and the clown from the movie was laughing at me and throwing needle syringes at me. The needle syringes were sticking in me puncturing all the way thru my skin. I would pull them out and drop them. I specifically remember the clown throwing one and it stick in my index finger and the needle was sticking out the otherside of my finger about a half inch and I put it out.

The needles reminded me of the scene in Saw II where the girl is pushed into the pit of needle syringes. In my dream I remember my feeling of Dumbfounded. I couldn't beleive what was happening to me. I wasn't crying nor yelling.

About me. I am a 28yr old female, live alone, divorced for about 4 yrs, sell life insurance and annuities. I ride a Harley and have my own home. I don't have any kids and my sibblings are 12yrs older than I. I grew up in a small farm community. I have a real fear of needles and enjoy scary movies.

One reoccurring dream I have is that I am trying to punch someone but I can't reach them and my arm is in slow motion.

At the time of this dream I wasn't nor hadn't had a needle prick in a several months. The last time I had seen either of the movies I associate my dream to was atleast 6-8mos prior.