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      Although some may recall better than others, we ALL dream.
      As far as dream interpretation there are more ideas than one can count.

      Regardless of translation or meaning we dream. Then there are times we become lucid. Would this dream still not go on with our with out you awareness of it? We are stepping into a preexisting dream. The dream scenario plays out either way.
      As we become lucid we often change the structure of the dream. Because we dream, it seems to me there would be a purpose, as most things our body does involuntarily. So this purposeful dream is happening. With regards to that, should we not just be an observer of this dream?

      Quite possibly lucid dreaming is a window for exploration through awareness and not intervention, as it is conventionally sought after.

      Contradictory to that....
      Perhaps our own dream character has a role to play since we are in control of it and sometimes it's surroundings and figuration. The hell if I know.

      I can say I have gotten more out of my lucid dreams that pertain to my waking life when I observe and extract information from them than the lucid dream I have played in. Not to say that was not fun. And possibly also a tool to utilize for pent up anger, aggression sexual tension. Whatever your lacking in your waking life.

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      What I have notices is that the Higher Dream Mind sets aside very special Dreams for when we become Lucid. I used to enjoy levitating and flying but found it a problem when I would seem to run out of gas and have to land somewhere. After a while it occurred to me that I would be having the Best of All Possible Dreams whenever I would alight upon the ground. These were not arbitrary nightly dreams, but Dreams that had been put into storage and held for my next Lucid Episode.

      But there had to be a certain level of Trust... trust my Higher Mind would have to possess that I would not disrupt these special dreams with the nuclear destruction of absolute Dream Control obliteration.

      Although I have not tried it... Twirlling seems to do the same as my flying used to. Now whenever I go Lucid I seem to segue right away into the Higher Dreams.

      Oh, and I would never recommend one ever be entirely passive within a Dream, to wait and see how it will turn out. Unless one is completely disembodied and obviously intended to be a mere point of awareness meant to take note of a Story being displayed to one, one should, if one has any body at all, take responsibility for the Moral and Spiritual direction and consequences that will play out within the Dream.

      Often choices will be dilemmas and we will be puzzled as to what one should do. But, fine. If we are wrong then that is what Reoccuring Dream Motifs are for. Dreams ALWAYS give us a second chance, and a third and a fourth. However, if it is obvious that one is quite fixed and fatalistically accepting of any completely WRONG answer, then our Higher Dream Self will eventually cut off the Dream Seminars. In its Ultimate Wisdom, the Higher Dream Self knows when it is wasting its Time and Energy on us, and will not do it.

      But if we are conscienciously sincere about our own self improvement and development, and are the least bit receptive to the hints, clues and oracles of our Dreaming, then we should eventually answer every Riddle each Sphinx proposes.

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      Here is a dream that may offer something of an example:

      An Optimistic Flying Dream

      I was with a community of very nice people, and we had built a large superstructure, which seemed intended more for our amusement than anything else, in the way that one suspects the French had built their famous Eiffel Tower. Well, in dreams I am so used to levitation… not really flying but simply taking shortcuts through the air from place to place instead of getting up to walk. Well, as I went to levitate over to simply mingle with some of the dream characters, a Great Wind lifted me upward, and I indeed allowed it and even encouraged the Wind, spreading my arms to it as it carried me aloft.

      Up far above the Superstructure, it occurred to me that I had a great distance to glide downward when the wind would finally release me, and I noticed all of the trees, smaller towers and poles that would obstruct my flight back to the ground. But then a VOICE of Realization came to me and assured me of my practiced skill as a Flyer and then I could see myself in my imagination swooping and zooming all around all of the ground clutter.

      A very reassuring Dream. In my younger days, I would make great personal efforts to fly higher and faster. Now, the Dreams take it upon themselves to lift me up. And the Dream Scene is penetrated with a Benevolent Presence – a VOICE coming to me out of the simple Consciousness that interpenetrates all things.

      Now consider what would have happened if I had instantly assumed complete control – raping all the girls or pulling rabbits out of hats or shooting energy beams from my hands, all the whatevers the children are doing nowadays?


      It may seem a boring and hostile litany that I take up, rebuking this obsession that people here have with Dream Control, but I do sincerely believe that sometimes the BEST DREAMS are unalloyed GIFTS from the Higher Mind.

      Just look at my dream -- I was lifted up by something other than myself. I was reassured by something other than myself. How can any Self Invented Device of Imagination, some self imposed CONTROL, how could that possibly compare to what was given to me from my Dream Higher Mind, or from whatever is Above or whatever is Beyond or even from that which is most cherished Within – wherever and whatever it is that sends us these special dreams? How could patching together our own dream materials, with even an absolute Dream Control, how could it come close to the same quality of experience? It is like comparing Masturbation to Love Making. Dream Control versus the Grace of Heaven.

      We hear how we use only 5% of our Brains. You would think the direction we would take would be toward trying to integrate and synthesize into the unused and latent 95% of the Brain. But no. Not at all. Not on This Page. Here we have these advocates for Total Dream Control campaigning on the principle that we should exile the 95% of our Brain away from all of our Dreaming so that we may fully exert our stupid and insignificant 5% in a Total Egotistical Dream Control.

      Watch ladies and gentlemen while I pull this rabbit from my hat.


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