I had this dream a while ago(6-7-8 months ago?) and it's still on my mind, I have forgotten some parts though. It was so vivid and so realistic that I really felt like it was happening, now that I think about it it was a scary dream but at the time I wasn't scared by it just worried me alot. I remember feeling the heat from the sun, stuff like bumping into something and feeling it,... Everything felt real.

I walk into this antique type store(I never visit these types of stores). It's old looking except it's in a modern strip mall. There's no one inside so I started to browse around. There's really old leather bound books and just generic nik naks all around. I also noticed that there was old linen type table clothes covering tables that looked like swiss cheese and I focused on one. Then I hear someone coming towards me. It's this girl I used to go to highschool with.(I haven't seen or heard from her in about 5 years, she was a friend of a friend and we hung out during lunch and I took her and my friend home after school. but other than that we didn't really get to know each other that much.). I was excited to see her and she was too but it was one of those awkward greetings you have with someone you knew from a while ago but don't know what to say to them. We go through the usual 'how are you' 'what have you been doing' ... and then this cop walks out from where she walked out from. I looked into his eyes and he looks into my eyes and I see that he doesn't want to make eye contact but forces himself to continue, I think maybe he's hiding something or is embarassed by something and just doesn't want to show it. So then I look over to her and she is looking down and away from me and I ask her if she's okay. I glance at the cop and he looks mad at me and I turn back to her and she's turning her upper body away from me like she's ashamed of something.

then it gets a little cloudy but I think I start questioning the cop accusing him of doing something to her and he denies it. I get really really pissed at the cop and start yelling at him demanding him to tell me what he did to her. It gets heated from there, he's yelling at me and I'm yelling at him. I don't remember who started it but we start shoving each other and it escalates and we start wrestling with each other trying to get each other to the floor(and I remember feeling pain and adrenaline and struggling and panic, like it was a real fight). I get him to the ground and I'm pushing my fore arm down on his neck and demanding for him to tell me what he did. He starts squirming around and I'm losing control over him so I grabbed this metal thing off a nearby table and then I black out in the dream. When I come out of the black out I'm standing over the cop and his head is all mutilated. I can't recognize him and all of a sudden I feel this rush crash over me, I guess it was the feelings of just realizing I did something REALLY wrong and that my life was over(the feelings were so strong I've never felt anything like it in real life but it was panic and fear and confusion and remorse and all those bad feelings). I start asking myself in a panic if I should run away or if I should call 911 or get help. I started to look around and I see her. She was emotion less and was starring at the cop. I ran over to her without any thought and grab her by the hand and ran to the back door.

Before we left the building I stopped and told her that we needed to leave. Still emotionless she grabbed her keys and handed them to me. We went out the door and was immediately stopped by this old couple. I don't remember what they asked us but I think they were asking for directions or information about the area(which was unknown to me), I do remember that they were really nice. I helped them and then we ran over to her suv and we left the parking lot and got on the highway. I remember it getting dark really quickly and it started to drizzle and get cold. At this point is where the emotions were the strongest. But what really freaks me out it that it felt real. While I'm driving trying to find a gas station I start to realize the scope of the situation and how serious things were.(at this point in the dream I realize, after waking up, that there was no blood anywhere. on me or the cop or any of the surroundings, but while in the dream I didn't notice it) I remember saying out loud 'we're f*cked' over and over again and start to panic. She was just sitting next to me emotionless.

So I see a gas station and pull in. I don't remember much here but I get some food and drinks and a map of the US. I drive into another parking lot and start looking at the map. Then I start scheming our escape. I remember thinking of a way to trick the cops into thinking we were headed to NYC(from the southeast) by driving towards there and using credit cards and some cell phone calls to leave a paper trail there. This is a little weird because I've never thought about eluding the cops before but this idea is pretty good. So I finish that up and start to tell her that after we go a little bit towards NYC and leaving a paper trail that we would then turn left towards Mexico and stop using credit cards and cell phones and she agrees, still emotionless. Then I realize that I messed her life up too.

The dream fast forwarded or something because the next thing I remember is us in a hotel room somewhere flipping the channels trying to see if we were on the news. We weren't. And that was it the dream was over.

I also had a similar dream like this a couple of weeks later except I beat up the cop in a parking lot and this time she was helping me beat him up and the dream ended when we finished beating the cop up.

I've tried to figure this dream out but I'm just perplexed. It's shocking to me that I would dream something like this. I'm not violent or all that aggressive in real life. I don't dislike cops so I don't know why I'd beat one, I'm a little intimmedated by them. I used to like the girl but nothing like a crush or anything and I haven't thought about her since shortly after highschool which was about 5 years ago so I don't know why she was in the dream. The lack of blood thing is weird and that was the only thing that was out of the norm from real life. And life at the time of this dream was pretty bland , I worked around the clock and didn't have time for a social life, but it wasn't depressing or anything just normal to me, and I've never been in trouble with the law so this couldn't be related to them at all. And the dream felt like a story more than a dream, kinda like a movie except there was alot of first person perspective and some 3rd person views.

I don't know... I've tried to relate this to my life my past life my past friends family pets situations and nothing seems to link up. what was the point of this dream? why would I dream something like this?