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      Sister in two dreams in consecutive nights

      I dreamed that I lived with my parents and sister again in some sort of farm or the countryside. For some reason everyone in the town had to sacrifice sheep. My parents told my sister and I that we would have to look for our own sheep, they would not give us one of theirs. So me and my sister looked for sheep until we found some, we were really happy when we did. Then all of a sudden I realized something was wrong with my front bottom tooth. I pushed it with my tongue and the tooth twisted, it was loose and about to fall out. At that moment I started to freak out, I remember the feeling of the tooth very vividly as if it was really happening.

      The next night I had another dream, all I remember is that my sister had cancer and my family and I were in a room, I can't remember if it was in a hospital or not. We were all terribly sad, that is when I woke up, a bit scared because the sadness felt so real.

      About my family: I am in college and don't live with my parents. I have a great relationship with them. I am the oldest and my sister is my only sibling. We are not really close and she doesn't get along with my parents, she's sort of the rebel of the family.

      What do you these dreams mean? I had them on two consecutive nights and the last one scared me because of the intensity of the emotions even though I don't remember much.

      Thanks for your help!

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      The first thing to remember is that the people in your dreams are not the actual people but are parts of yourself, characterised as the people you dream of. Parents typically represent our values and "superego". Not sure about sheep and sacrifice, but it sounds like this task (whatever it is) is one you have to do without your "internal parents". Some kind of ritual cleansing??? Sounds like an expression of your feeling like you're trying to make sense of life now you've grown up.

      Does the tooth bring back memories of childhood, when your baby teeth fell out perhaps? Perhaps the first tooth? Again, this suggests to me a realisation of growing up.

      It sounds like you are fond of your sister despite social difficulties. You don't say if you're male or female. That could make a difference to the meaning of the sister.

      Emotional intensity suggests to me the feeling of realising something has been repressed in your life and is now arising in your dreamstate awareness. During waking it's possible that anger or some other defence prevents the feeling happening on its own accord. The cancer also suggests that the emotion is in trouble, slowly being lost in its repressed state. I see this as in invitation to re-gain wholeness through re-integrating the emotion. Sometimes it's the thing we find most intolerable about the person we dream of that is the part of us that we refuse to accept. Is there something about your sister that you refuse to accept as part of you? (i.e. you project it onto your sister?)



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