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      Really strange dream, need help interpreting

      Last night I had this extremely weird and vivid dream. I really need help interpreting it. I’ll explain some things about myself as I tell the dream, if that will make it easier to interpret. I’m willing to answer any other questions that will help you interpret it. It’s probably one of the strangest dreams I’ve ever had.

      Here’s the dream

      It started out with me just sitting on the computer, I suddenly came across this song on the internet, a Rapp song. ( that genre of music isn’t my favorite, I occasionally listen to it though.) So I start listening to the song, as I listened to it I was also reading the lyrics that went with it. (I like to look up song lyrics.)
      I barely got to listen to it because I was interrupted by my piano teacher. I don’t like it when people watch what I’m doing on the internet, so when she asked me what I was doing, I quickly turned off the song so she couldn’t see it. I was still sort of nervous that she might have seen what I was doing, and quickly answered her by saying “Oh nothing.” Then my teacher says “do you need help?” I didn’t answer her that time, but I knew that she wasn’t talking about just regular ’help,’ she was talking about the kind of help you get from a psychiatrist. (I don’t go to a psychiatrist in real life, and I don‘t need to!)
      A little later I go back and listen to the song, for some reason I just really needed to hear it again. So this time I really concentrated and listened to the lyrics of the song. I noticed right away I didn’t like the song at all. The lyrics in the song were about a person that was raped. The song was sung by some guy who had a really strong demanding voice. I only remembered one line from the song when I woke up, and it was really strange. The line that I remembered went something like this: “How did it feel when they spread your legs apart?” (that line from the song is being asked to the person who was raped.) But I also noticed the word ‘they’ is used in the song to represent the rapist instead of using the words he or she. The part that made it even worse is that I somehow knew who the person was that got raped. I don’t want to mention their name but it was this person that I have a crush on. When I realized that detail about the dream everything seemed even more strange because I was basically listening to a Rapp song about my crush being raped by someone. (They weren’t raped in real life.)

      I hope everything made sense.^
      Does anyone know what this dream means?
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      OK, please remember the usual health warnings. This is just my interpretation and it's probably got wrong bits in it but I hope you'll find something in it that connects to why you had this dream. We can develop the themes through dialogue if you like as external interpretations are rarely accurate but frequently close.

      The first part seems to connect to a feeling of embarassment/shame. A part of you (manifest as piano teacher) wants to "fix" the conscious part of you that's indulging in the internet.

      The second part brings to my attention the similarity between the words "rap" and "rape". If so perhaps the first part relates to your embarassment/shame about something sexual or just generally about the feeling of being (ab)used. The friend in the dream is also a part of you - a part that you're wanting to connect with so desparately that it's manifesting as your crush. Yet you find it hard to connect owing to this feeling of being raped (probably metaphorically).

      Collectively I'm also struck by the need to connect to this "friend" inside you brings you to the internet and through that connection you're getting this rap(e) message. I think your inner/lost/repressed self is feeling extremely vulnerable owing to it having been hurt before in what now feels like abuse.


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