Okay, I have had three really rather strange dreams recently, and would be very interested to know what they're all about. I've always been fascinated by dreams, and I'd really like to know what these ones mean, but they're a bit too specific to be fully interpreted by a dictionary.

In the first one, I was in this forest at night time, armed with a shotgun, and I was trying to find a way out. All the residents of the nearby town/city had been infected with something which essentially turned them into zombies. I remember quite distinctly that they were not proper zombies in the sense of being dead, but re-animated, but that they had been infected with a disease or parasite which made them into zombie-like states. They all had grey skin and totally white eyes. I was wandering through the forest, and I came upon a building. Upon entering it it turned out to be our school lunch hall, and everyone was having lunch and it was all okay. I thought I was safe but the walls fell down and the people disappeared, and I was back in the forest. The catering staff were still there, but they had been 'zombiefied', and when I tried to sneak past they awoke very suddenly and came after me, so I ran very fast. I found a gate which led somewhere safe (though I don't know where), and I tried to go through it, but it was blocked by a herd of zombie cows. A small child (about 10 or 11 years old) stumbled out of the cows, and as I went to help him he turned out to be a zombie, and tried to bite my neck, but he choked on one of the pendants I almost always wear, and died. At this point I woke up, seriously creeped out.

The second one came a few days later. I was in Japan with a girl I go to school with (who I shall call E for privacy's sake). We had both just left University and gone to teach English in Japan (these are our real life plans), I had finished my Physiology course, but she had dropped out of psychology and become a successful poet. We were walking back to her hotel (we were staying in different hotels for some reason), and she was telling me her new poem, I remember seeing it written on a piece of paper, but unfortunately I cannot remember what it was or what it was about. We got back to her hotel and she went in, and I realised I didn't know the way back to my hotel. I looked at a map, but not speaking Japanese, I couldn't understand it. Nor could I ask for help, despite me trying, because nobody understood me. I tried to find my way back but got hopelessly lost, and ended up in a supermarket, where one of the employees was late for work, so he was taken out the back and tortured. I ran away from there, because the torturers had seen me watching and were trying to catch me so I couldn't tell anyone, and I ended up in a large park on the side of a hill. There were an old couple sitting on a bench, who pointed and laughed at my ginger hair. I woke up shortly after this.

The third one happened about a week after the first two. I was in Japan again, with a group of people, including E and another girl form my school, D. We were at the top of a very tall tower watching the news, and it said that America had declared war on Japan. Soon after that, a squadron of B-52 bombers came and dropped a load of bombs on the city (i think it was Tokyo), causing the building to collapse, with us all still inside it. I was unhurt, but D had been hit by a falling pillar or something, and was dead. I searched frantically for E, but couldn't find her, but when I left the building she was outside, having been looking for me. We both laughed at the situation (us both missing each other because we were looking for each other), but before we could go back in to look for any other survivors, the remains of the building collapsed. I'm afraid I can't remember what happened after that, but I think I woke up fairly soon after.

A few things about me that might help you interpret these dreams, I am male, 17 years old, a 6th form student in Bristol, England. I am going to university next year to study Physiology, but I'm quite stressed about it because I need 3 A grades to get into Oxford and I'm not sure I can manage it, even though everyone says I can. Over October half-term I went on a school trip to Japan, my only friends on the trip being E and D, and after university me and E plan to go back there to teach english for a year. I really like D, but she's in a fairly serious relationship and I've never developed any feelings for her, but I've had something of a crush on E for quite a while, and we see each other pretty much all day at school. I don't know how she feels about me, and I'm quite a shy person by nature so I've never asked, though recently she's been very flirty. I often remember my dreams, but it's quite unusual for them to be this vivid, or strange, and I haven't had a nightmare (as the first one was) for about five years.

Any help with interpreting these dreams would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read this post