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      church on christmas

      Last night I had a dream I was with my fiancee and we were walking up a small hill to a church, with a large group of strangers, as we were walking up the hill
      ( i was ahead of him) I was saying to my fiancee that i've never been to church for midnight mass. the priest was outside of the church giving everyone his left hand as we entered, it was deformed from arthritis,wrinkly and coarse. It made me feel a bit awkward but guilty for feeling bothered by it. We entered the church and it was filled with people waiting for the service to begin and we walked to an upper level of the church to wait for the service to begin.

      im not religious and wasnt raised religous and have never been to a church for midnight mass or for any reason other than a wedding and a funeral. Its not the most peculiar dream ive had but its really stuck on my mind all day as to its meaning.

      any and all input is welcomed

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      A church can also refer to any of your spiritual parts including your values, beliefs, morals etc. But ultimately the meaning will be personal to you. The priest being deformed suggests that there is a part of you (that connects/believes in whatever the church represents) that you find repulsive but as you say, you don't like to think that way (it's in your unconscious though).

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      well dreams to me link to many things. But they can dwell on ONE PARTICULAR emotion. In this case the dream could link to this disabilityy that the preist suffered from... perhaps this recreated some exact situation involking feelings of guilt because of someones scar or illness or disability... think back esp to the day before. Equally though thats just a possible association... there maybe many answeres to your dream... its just about thinking up ideas
      If people truly knew the meaning of their dreams they would be quite surprised. Many have helped perpetuate the myth that dreams are really deep and meaningful. True some are but the majority of dreams are simply part of our brain functions. They help us clarify everyday issues. These are very important at the time but
      are far from being crucial in the overall scheme of things. Freud and others talk of the deeper dreams. But that is only because of their interest in psychology. They also speak of lots of other dreams that are insignificant and just linked to the previous day. But these dreams are interesting in themselves. They too show how the brain works. So simple dreams with meanings like "I need to spend more time on my studies" are important. If we can understand the simple dreams we can apply knowledge gained to solve the more trickier dreams.
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