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      sinister dream

      These 3 dreams I had a couple days ago on the same night.

      I am driving on a busy road that I seem to recognize as a busy driveway on a bridge like place. But I am not 100 procent sure about this bridge. I am in a traffic line and there is noway to get through fast. I notice I am being chased by a bandit. I want to outwit the bandit and so I park my car in the traffic file so he can't get passed. I get out car and I run or walk to my house. I feel intuitevely that I did not fully get rid of this bandit and that he might be in the house waiting for me. So i go lay down in the bushes of garden next to my house. I am on the ground, silent and naked except wearing a boxershort. Second dream that night: the place where I am I don't know or forgot but next to me stand 2 sinister looking fellows.It looks like they are cloaked in capes and underneath is something dark or it could even be almost skeleton like individuals. They escort me down to a basement kind of place. It is also possible this place is underwater. When I enter a big underground room they are suddenly left. And I know I have to get up again or I will drown or be out of air soon. I start getting up making my way back through corridors but I realise I won't make it in time. Intuitively in dream i get the notion that on the groundfloor there is a lift/elevator that I missed somehow and this lift could get me up again in time.Dream stops there in middle of that peculiar situation. 3th dream that night is me having sex in a public place with lots of spectators watching. (I think the girl is blonde but not sure). And we have sex while everyone keeps watching. This thing could be talking place in a elevator or lift but again not sure. I seem to be enjoying the sex in front of everyone a lot where as the previous 2 dreams are more dark in nature. End of dreams
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