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    Thread: intense staring

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      intense staring

      i have this guy i like in real life. i have him in my dreams fairly often, but i haven't ever experienced anything like this before.

      i won't go in to full detail, but he was a few meters away from me on my computer while i was laying in bed, and he was sitting in a chair. we were listening to music and talking about a song and he turned to me to tell me to change the cd in my player, when he turned to me our eyes locked and didn't look away. it was a feeling of lust and flirting, but really intense. really really intense. we kept looking at eachother, smiling and i sort of felt like i was blushing. not once did our gazes break, we just kept on staring at eachother, there was something about this stare...then my alarm woke me up, but still after the dream i could still feel this feeling.

      does anybody know what it means? i'm sorry if it doesn't really make much sense.

      sorry if i wrote this in the wrong section. i'm new...
      i should go read the site rules or something :-X
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      Hi Laura, moved this to Dream Interpretation for you

      All I can say is that dreams are not only visual and audible, they can certainly generate feelings as well. This 'event' in your dream probably generated a feeling that you anticipate should this happen to you in real life. Such a strong feeling is certainly going to carry over after the dream. Just like when people have nightmares or scary dreams, they wake up and carry that fear on even after they wake up and realize they are not in danger.


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