About me.
I am Alex. And 18 year old.
I am in the middle of the exams.
And I need to study alot.
I like a girl in my music class.
I want to ask her to the ball probably, but I think she is just a big tease.
She is a tease, but I cant forget about her now.

My geography class is after my music class.
AFter the dream:
Today I wrote exam and after that my brother walked with me to my music teacher's class.
I was asking her when the exam is.
So there is probably a little future telling.

And this is my dream: I see my geography teacher and he is asking questions.
I got 3 right and I got 3 prices.
I wondered who is going to get the other two right.
I cant remember the questions whether its about geography or not.
Suddenly I heard the phone rang.
My brother said that my dad's eye is bleeding and that I need to get home now.
I immediately shot up from my chair and suddenly the theme changes where my dad is with me now and my brother,
We opened a door and I saw my music teacher whom my brother havent seen yet in the drea.
(today I figured out he hasnt seen her in real life also.)
In the dream I asked her something I think when the exam is, i dont know.
And I cant remember what she told me, but there was a swimming pool where she sat and I tried to jump over it, failing and jumping in the water.
THe water was greenish.
There was somebody in the water And I think I scrathed his eye also.
I was afraid that he might pull me in.
ANd when he raised his head, I noticed it was a young boy.

What doe my dream mean?
Please help.