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      Unhappy A terrible Nightmare about car crashes, please help me!

      Hey guys,

      I really hope you can help me, I had such a terrible nightmare tonight, that I`m still totally shocked because of it, I can`t even remember when was the last time that I had a dream like this, I really need your help with this, I`m so confused...

      This is the dream I had:

      I`m at some sort of middle age looking town with my family. My mother thinks about buying some drugs from pirates, black looking men, but gets surrounded by them pretty fast. I fly to her and save her and tell her that she shouldn`t make any deals with those guys.
      All of a sudden we are in a town that looks similar to our hometown, but I know that its not our hometown and even say it out loud. I think about what are the odds to have another town, that looks exactly like our home town, somewhere in the big universe. I figure out that the odds are quite low, but since there is no thing like coincidence I might still be able to find it some day.

      I`m going to launch in a sort of restaurant with my family and my mother tells me how wonderfull it was when we were rich and she talks about how she spend 600k just on diamonds and clothings. I tell her that she just has to remember, how she felt about money at those ideas and then these times might come back again. She gets a bit sad and we start to eat at the restaurant, we are eating more and more and it gets more and more expensive, I feel how my father gets a very wasting attitude and just asks us if we want to eat more, even though it feels like we can barely afford it anymore.
      My mum talks about an old job offer for my father that he rejected because of her. She says that it was good that he didn’t take the job at the star observatorium, because there would have been to much stress involved, even though it was an offer by a good paying company I believe.

      We want to drive home, but loose each other on the way, so I drive with my father in our big car, which is a Chrysler and my mother drives with my sister in our small car which is a Mazda. Normally we wanted to drive together in our big car.
      So my dad and me are searching for my mum and my sister and while doing so, all the time masses of children are running in our way and partly blocking the street, my father doesn`t drive very carefull and it almost looks like he would hit some of those kids.
      But those kids don`t seem to care and just go along normally. We decide to drive home alone and as soon as we leave a small village that is very near to our home, we get cut off by two teenagers who are riding a bycicle, and almost have a crash with them. My father is kinda angry about it but doesn`t do anything, but I`m very angry and hit the horn, I`m sitting next to my dad on the front seat.
      In the next second I see how our car, came away from the street and were are driving along a slanted sideroad on the grass, with about 50 miles per hour. I have no idea how that could have happened. It is a very dangerous situation and my father says that he will be able to get the car back on the street, but I don`t trust him. So I Grab the steering wheel and and pull it over on my own, but I pull it to much and we slide back on the street over to the other side of the street. We slide into a forest and the car rolls over.
      This whole part was at night and it was pretty dark.

      Then all of a sudden for some reason I`m sitting in a cinema and I`m watching this scene like a movie happening infront of me. Everything is happening in slowmotion and I can see how the car rolls over and I wonder why the fuck it didn`t hit a tree.
      Then the car slides into a sort of sea and it is falling down a waterfall. Then the car flows back upwards somehow and fall down again, I can`t remember the details of this part exactly anymore. Then the car finally lands in the sea and next to the car swims a gravestone, which has some numbers like (92835?) on it and “Gold” as first part of a word. I`m still sitting in the cinema and seeing this whole scene on the screen.

      Then all of a sudden I`m back in the car and me and my dad are on a very big street with really a lot of traffic. It`s a sort of wonder that the car actually still drives after this whole crashes and I tell my dad that we have to drive home to see what needs to be repaired or to be actually save home finally. But my father says that we need to drive to California, because that is the only place where you can get certain car parts for Chrysler, and he doesn`t want to have the stress with getting those parts in Germany. So all of a sudden we are on a very busy street with a lot of traffic and we are in a sort of huge town, it already feels like we are in USA already. The street has about 8 lines and most of them are going the way we drive to and only 2 or 3 are going the other way. All those streets have arrows that are pointing upwards on them.

      Then we have a crash again, this time my father again was kinda sleeping and a big truck crashes into us somehow. There I miss a small part and all of a sudden we have a small golden Fiat as car. We run to the place where our crash supposively has happened, but we see that we didn`t have a crash there, instead the car was a golden Mercedes.
      So we go on driving in the Fiat now and my father again drives against another car, but this time nothing bad happens and it seems like normal and no damage happened. Then all of a sudden we can`t really drive anymore and when I leave the car I see that it barely holds together anymore, we are just driving around with a white skeletal structure of the car.
      We try to glue it together again, but then we already see the police coming to us, for some reason the police speaks in german, even though we are supposively in america. The police which is a man and women asks me what happened and I begin to tell them of our first crash.
      Before I look to my dad and for some reason he has a police helmet on his head and I ask why he wears a police helmet, he answers me that he always wanted to be a police man.

      Then next to us I see a very aggressive car driver, for some reason you can clearly see inside the car, it is full of light and you can see each person sitting in there and in sort of slowmotion you can see what they are doing. The person driving the car gets even more angry for some reason, stops the car, turns around and drives against a luxury car that’s coming against him.
      Then all of a sudden I hear gunfire, and the policeman, who looks like an actor from the “Heroes” episodes, a person where “Sylar” transforms itself into at the army, hides behind some sort of corn straws. Then he pulls out a pack of blood, hits the middle of his forehead with the blood and goes down to the ground. He kind of faked being hit.

      Then I wake up in total shock, I`m sweating everywhere and even 3 hours later where I`m translating my dream into english im still in shock and can barely make a clear thought. I immediately know after waking up that I have to write this dream down, its like so incredibly important that I write this down and my second thought is that I have to post this dream at divinecosmos for some reason. I`m thinking about telling my parents about the dream, but aslong as I don´t know what it means I feel that it is better not to tell them, so I won`t confuse them.
      I know that cars normally represent the soul body and dreams have to be seen in a metahorical way, but at the moment this is really to much for me, I`m still very nervous and can barely think clear…

      Please take the time and try to clear this dream up for me, at the moment I`m so confused, all these car crashes I have no idea what they mean, I`m totally scared of what might happen in my life, I really desperately need your help I don`t know what to do...

      I never had a terrible feeling like this, I don`t know what to say anymore, please just help me, it is so important for me...
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