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      House Dream

      I just joined here today...I have been wondering about something for many years, and even though in the past I have read a lot about dream interpretation I am at a bit of a loss to figure this out.

      First in order I guess is a brief background: I am 58 years old, good health, and ever since I was grade school age have had a interest in dreams, and paranormal in general, as did an older sister. Both my parents and the sister are dead. One last thing, I sincerely believe that the house I lived in when a kid was haunted.

      Now, it seems that for many, many years, every time I dream of being in or near a house, it is that house where I grew up. I have owned 2 homes of my own, rented others, but seldom if ever have dreams of being in them, only that house where I grew up. A few times I have have dreamt of being there and talking to my parents, but often the dream is just based around there.
      I often remember those dreams, and have been intending to ask someone in the dream why I am in that house, but I never remember to do it.
      Any Thoughts??

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      Dreams of houses, apartments, even with attics, basements etc. are telling us about our own consciousness.
      The 1st Floor - is the waking life
      The 2nd Floor - is the higher self
      The Attic is the spiritual self or the Super conscious
      The basement (should be carefully studied, because there lies the undercurrent, and those things we seldom look at in waking life i.e. the Subconscious mind

      Apparently, you "live in your mind" a lot in yesteryears? Can this be so?
      Else I can't imagine why you don't dream of the "now " homes you either lived in or rented, but always revert back to yesteryear (as a child's home was)

      It could be reflecting your deep sense of loss concerning your sister & parents, ....and feeling that loss today as we often do of course.
      Your consciousness however, seems to be "locked" in the past in these dreams. OR
      of course, it's also (where the parents are in the dream),
      REALLY them, and they haven't left you but await you on the other side.

      Hope this helps.


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