My friend and I were trying to get into a building for some reason. There was this girl with short bright red hair(red like the color red, not the hair type) watching us as she sat down in the opposite side of the road in the distance (I want to say vampire instead of girl, but she wasn't the classic type of vampire -- not a bloodsucker). Everything was made of concrete and in-between the two buildings there was a slight dip in the road, like an irrigation ditch except slightly higher. My friend decided to go inside before me and while watching through the window I saw two people holding him with his arms behind his back and dragging him down a hallway. I pulled away from the window a woman who worked there opened the door and looked at me, and I turned to run because they were going to catch me, too. The girl with red hair got to her feet and ran quickly towards the wall, and I knew to follow her. A slot in the wall opened, only about three feet high by two and a half feet wide, and she climbed inside with me close behind her and then shut the door.

We sat and talked for a little while (the conversation itself escapes me, but it wasn't too long of a convo). I went somewhere else for a brief period of time (where also escapes me) and when I came back, my friend was on her back on a bed, her eyes were barely open and she was staring at the ceiling with a sort of grin on her face. She was in a trance. There were tiny particles (her soul) everywhere that reminded me of little bits of vapor, floating slowly upwards, separating by color and then sticking to the ceiling in little colored globs. It looked like paint but it didn't drip back down. I looked at her again and she was kind of sitting up, watching me with half-lidded eyes, and then she sort of laughed and breathed in and particles of my soul were drawn from me towards her. I felt a sudden light-headedness and I stumbled back, dizzy. I remember not being able to really walk. It took me a moment before I regained my bearings, but when I did, I ran and then flew into the air, exploring the room which turned out to be connected to a bunch of other rooms. So my basic thing with this is, whatever she did gave me the power to fly, but I'm not really sure what the colored soul particles mean or what her breathing in my soul meant either.

Anyway I woke up around this point and then fell asleep again shortly after. I was in someplace where I expected to find my red-haired friend, but couldn't. It was the same building my first friend and I had tried getting into, but everything that we'd wanted was gone and so were most of the employees. I left there and wandered around for a while, then met a male 'vampire' (again, not a bloodsucker but I don't know how to explain what they actually were) who took me in as a sort of servant. I traveled around with him for an amount of time (not sure how much) and at some point we were going through this desert/hilly area and I saw my red-haired friend settled among a large group of people. She called me over and I asked the male vampire permission to do so, which he granted, so I flew over to her and sat down (by the way, after the girl did whatever she did, flying was my main method of transportation) and talked to her. She was very happy to see me, but told me that my 'master' was evil.

I had to leave after a little bit because the vampire was having a party at this new building he'd done the architecture for and owned. We went to the party which I can mostly remember because this girl tried convincing me to put on this weird little outfit and I didn't want to (It might help to say that I'm a girl in real life, but most of this dream felt like I was a boy up until this point). The male vampire grabbed me and made a big fuss over yanking my clothes off and trying to force me to wear whatever it was. I was angry at him after that and left to this place I'd always gone to when I was sad. It was just this little area next to a hill, sort of near where I'd seen the red head girl with that group but far enough that I couldn't have walked there in a convenient amount of time. I sat and thought about it and decided I wanted to take down the male vampire. So I waited until dark, then flew over to the building.

It took me around a night to do this, but I smashed all three-hundred or so (yeah it was tall) stories down to the base, which I used explosives on. He had some sort of siren that kept a red light on me whenever I was in the open, so I had to run through the base of the building to escape without him seeing me. I remember running past a lot of debris and burnt/detached limbs and other body parts of the people who'd been at the party. I wondered if my friends were alright (my real life friends were at the party, for some strange reason) at this point but kept going through instead of trying to hunt for them because I could tell the guy was chasing me.

I very tiredly flew (I could actually feel how exhausted I was from all of the flying and destroying the building, and it made the fly back really long and slow) towards the spot I liked, and walked the last few hundred yards. I was walking through the edge of town (the spot was on the outskirts of a city, in which his building had been located) when a man in a trenchcoat came up to me and asked how my day was going. I looked at him and said, "You're him, aren't you?" He said yes, and at this point we were at the spot. I sighed because I didn't want to fight -- I knew he'd probably kill me. I didn't even want to look at him. But suddenly one of the people in the group with the girl vampire walked over, reaching around a concrete base for a light pole and yanking it effortlessly out of the ground. She was going to help me fight.

I woke up at this point, and I wanted to fall asleep again to continue the dream but alas, I am no longer tired. So I'd like to know what you think it might mean or anything like that. Towards the ending of the dream isn't what weirds me out because I'm always flying around destroying shit, but the soul-breathing thing is what I'm confused over. Any ideas?