Help explain this dream please. i know it could be typical, and what tidal waves mean, but theres more to the details i think.

In the dream I have rented a chalet on the beach. There is a row of single-room chalets, that overall look like a wide and low building across the shore. I had rented the one to the extreme left.

It was night, and i went out to sit behind the other end of the chalets (extreme right), where there are 2 small (3 feet tall) tree like bushes.
So i sit between the two bushes, on the ledge, and i remember i was thinking of something (as if i had went out to relax alone and think over).
Moments later, i feel the ground shaking. First i do not feel much, but then i look towards the sea, and see a huge tsunami wave building up and getting closer quickly. I get scared, but not too scared. I felt as if I could pass it. So i turn around, to face the 2 bushes, hold on to them, hold my breath, and brace myself. The tidal wave hits, and i remember being underwater, holding strongly to the bushes, and waiting to feel my head out of the water to be able to breathe again.
The wave passes, and i am able to breathe again. I look again to the sea and see another big wave, thats a little smaller than the first one (i remember it being less uniform than the previous one). I pass it as i did the first.

I felt it was still wet, and other waves might hit. So I run to my chalet (to the extreme left).

As i was opening the door or looking for the keys to open the door (not sure which), i hear a voice from behind me.

There were 2 girls behind me (i don't see them or know who they are in the dream, but i feel their presence). One of them calls me by another name, of someone i look up to and respect (but in the dream i knew she was calling me, as if i had a different name), then and asks me: "Are u asleep yet, do you still have room for this girl?" (she's talking about the other girl whose with her). As if she wanted to send her over...

The dream ended there. That was all i remember, but if i recall any additional details i will add them.

Thanks in advance