I can't remember much of the very beginning of my dream, but there's myself and a girl around my age (24). She appears to be a friend, though not one I know from my life. The two of us are researching murders that have happened around the city (not sure which city, though it seemed to be completely fictional).

We headed into the woods where the last known murder had taken place. It was starting to get dark and we ran into two young women. One of them was naked and covered in blood, and she moved as if she weren't completely human. My first instinct was that we had found the culprits, but my friend assured me that it wasn't them as she was in love with the second woman (the one that wasn't naked and bloody).

My friend went off into the dark with her lover and shortly after the naked woman followed. Soon after I heard my friend scream and I ran into the woods, in the opposite direction, in attempt to save myself.

I soon found a path and I ran down it for some time. I had stopped a few times to catch my breath but each time the two women had appeared out of nowhere behind me. Eventually I found a house of some sort, made of wood. Besides the house was a giant eagle which I used to fly back to the city. Whilst flying I noted that the land I was flying over was in the shape of Australia, only much smaller.

Upon reaching the city I remember seeing the two woman once more, but I managed to lose them and found my way to the docks where a pirate ship was just leaving. I managed to get aboard the ship and we sailed out to sea. Everything seemed fine but then the two women magically appeared on the ship and the pirates started attacking them.

The pirates won, but their leader was slain. An old pirate woman came up to me and asked me to choose two of the pirates to compete against each other to become the new captain. There were drawings of each of the pirates carved into the wood of the ship and I picked two, I think at random.

They were asked questions about why they wanted to be captain, though I don't remember their answers. At the end of the 'interviews' they each stood on the edge of the ship with the old woman behind them. I was in the water, though I don't remember getting there. The woman explained that she would push the winner of the competition into the water (seems kinda backwards to me). She pushed both of them in and said they would have to combine their strengths to lead the ship together.

After that I think I woke up or I simply forgot the rest.

Info about myself:
I'm male, 24, unemployed.
As for the Australia reference, I live in the UK but my best friend lives in Australia. I talk to him a lot on MSN, almost every day.
My life recently has been pretty uneventful, no job interviews, though I do have a place at university starting in September.

If you need to know anything else just ask. Thanks.