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      Botched assasination

      I was at a party with a group of people and we were discussing about assassinating someone. Our target was this thug-like man dressed in very nice clothing and we were openly discussing it right in front of him. He replied like "I wanna see you try!" and snickered. One of the people in my group said something like we should be very careful and not provoke him or he's gonna cast "that" spell and wreck major havoc on many innocent bystanders at this party. Later, members of my group gave each other toothpicks which we were instructed to use to stab our target through the chest and into his heart to kill him.

      Later, everyone was gathered in rows of circles around this small podium in a large room. I couldn't see it but I heard someone with a mic from the podium start singing the National Anthem. I spotted my target almost directly across from me behind the podium. A few minutes into the singing, the men beside my target pushed him to the ground. I could see the men trying to stab him in the chest with the toothpicks. Surprisingly, there was some but little commotion among everyone. They eventually dragged him outside of the building. I later followed them outside.

      Our target was struggling as there were like 4 or 5 people on top of him but he just won't give up. I saw him pull out a gun and I ran into the building again. He started shooting the gun and spinning in circles as he shot; the shots went through the building. I got hit and it wasn't painful but I woke up just at that point.

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      Tooth picks versus "that spell" and later a gun.

      Whatever this dream means, it seems to be comparing the might of a number of people with very little individual power with one person with a lot.

      The national anthem also sounds like some kind of bonding confidence-booster for the weak.

      What does this suggest for you?


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