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      Exclamation End of the world, so vivid that I am sitting here wondering if it is real


      I was walking home with my friend. The sky suddenly ripped, producing 2 holes and a band of light coming from each. It is happening I thought, so I must have known about this event. The whole world was then distorted - great chunks of the road were rising and falling, coming towards me and going further away. Forces seemed to be going crazy and pushing me all over the place as I yelled, "I have to get home to my family".

      This was then the most important thing to me, the goal of my dream and all I could think about. I wanted to tell them that I love them one last time. I battled down the road, pushing past people that, for some reason, were all running up the road away from my house. I didn't care - I clung on the fences and trees to drag myself through the forces that were pushing me back and eventually made it.

      I hugged my family, so relieved. My mum was acting as if it was a phase that would pass, and continued to hang out the washing. My younger sister was just bewildered - she had no idea what was going on and I felt so protective over her, but then I did a dreadful thing that makes me feel so guilty. I said "we are all going to die aren't we?", which made my sister's face so petrified I wanted to cry.

      I went outside to see what was going on - no more movement and distortion on the earth, but whatever was left of it was spinning wildly, and everything was flattened so that I could see horizons on both sides. It was almost like the world was flat. I knew that it was spinning because the universe around us was spinning, and weird reactions were going on in the sky - explosions, coloured light whizzing across, and what looked like DNA made out of electricity. I was then so scared I forced myself to wake up and had to look at the sky for a few mins to convince myself it wasn't happening.

      What could this mean?

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      Wow, well...my best guess is that there might be something in your life that's making you fear the worst. As if this event will cause 'the end of the world' as you know it. Maybe it doesn't even mean anything. I have a lot of apocalyptic dreams. Usually I'm watching this destruction from an air ship or I'm in some sort of position in which I'm forced to fight for my life. I determined it was because I was reading into too many conspiracy theories, haha. But I don't think you should be too worried about the dream. Your subconscious likes to freak you out even more when there is some sort of fear or problem you face. I guess it's just a way to show yourself that THAT is the worst that can happen and if you survive that then you could survive what would really happen.


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