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    Thread: dreams of searching for ghost, what could it mean?

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      dreams of searching for ghost, what could it mean?

      recently i've been having dreams of searching for ghost, sometimes im with a few people other times im by myself, we would be in a huge house, castle like building, caves, i had a dream just today that i was in a vast area of wilderness i was surrounded by Mountains and hilltops, it was a beautiful scene, but i think i was there to search for ghost because i went and found a small opening into a very small cave, and i began to ask if there is anyone here with me, no ghost appeared, it was silent, then my friend rang the door bell and it woke me up out of it.. but besides that my other ghost dreams are more interactive, i hear voices, see shadows, things move, i remember one time i was with a group of people and we had ghost hunting devices, and all of a sudden they turn off and everyone just falls to the ground, i remember feeling very cold then suddenly pass out... not saying these dreams havin anything to do with real ghost, but just wondering why im experiencing these kind of dreams..

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      ghostly dreamsss

      Dreaming about searching for this ghost could mean that you are chasing after something that is no longer within your reach, as if you have missed your chance at something you wanted. It could also mean that you are going through personal changes and you are trying to get your "old self" back. Or the ghost might be metaphorical of yourself and you are feeling like parts of you are invisible to other people

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      The wilderness is the diverse jungle of your mind and emotions. The terrain is beautiful, but you're being called elsewhere. You chose to go look in a cave. Caves are dark, mysterious, hard to navigate, and underground. Furthermore, the entryway is very small, meaning it's hard to get to the part of yourself that you're trying to get to. The unconscious is dark, mysterious, hard to navigate, underground. The cave is the unconscious and you're searching for a ghost. You could think of ghosts as "the departed," meaning it's a part of you that's gone or perhaps pushed into the unconscious. Ghosts also haunt places. You're looking for a part of you that's haunted. Are you on any guilt trips? Haunted by any complexes? Lay in bed with your eyes closed and spend about twenty minutes allowing yourself to settle into a fantasy. Manifest the ghost in your fantasy. Then for about ten minutes, see what the ghost does. Let it take you around. You could try a mantra: on your in breath, say "O dream ghost," and on the out breath, "show me the way." Do this for about twenty minutes with the intention of getting your imagination going. I guarantee you'll have some kind of insight or at least something interesting to post here as a followup.
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