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    Thread: iadr's Lucid and Vivid Dream Journal

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      Needing To Make A Phone Call - Needing The Places Phone Number (WILD)
      Needing to call this place on the phone while lucid, but needing to find their phone number. Finding their phone number in this book but forgetting to check to see what their area code is, so coming back to check the number again and getting the entire number this time.

      Golf Cart Cable - Shocking The Crap Out Of Me (WILD)
      Holding onto this electrical cable from a golf cart on which one end is connected to the battery when the cable suddenly shocks the crap out of me. :headbanger:

      Sitting Outside On These Steps - Going Inside Where It's Cool (WILD)
      Sitting outside on the steps of this place with the wife while lucid. Needing to go into the place to get a number to something so asking the wife if she'd like to go inside and shop around while I get this number, which she does. We go inside the place where it is nice and cool.

      Trash Can - Needing To Have Picked Up (WILD)
      Having this trash can with these leaves in it while lucid that I'm needing to have someone pick up. Only I'm needing to take a couple of the leaves out of it and put a couple more in it that will help them empty the trash can when they pick it up.

      Stop Light - Multiple Streets (WILD)
      Sitting at this stop light while lucid at this intersection that has two streets with stop lights that go the direction I'm going, with the street on the right merging into the street that I'm on, and a couple of streets crossing these streets from the other direction. (I actually found this place the other day IRL when coming back from this place). Thinking that my light is green so starting to go through the light, then seeing that it is still red, so having to stop and wait longer.

      Stock Indexes - Looking At On A Computer (WILD)
      Looking at the stock indexes on a computer while lucid, and it looking like the market was down about 200 points for the day. Then remembering that the market was actually up a couple of points this day, so feeling a little better.

      Sheet Of Paper With The Location Of These Things On It - Locations Being Wrong (WILD)
      Being given this thing that I can remove these things off of while lucid, by using this sheet of paper that shows the location of them. Noticing that one of them has the wrong location written down, so taking a red pencil and marking through it, then writing the correct location of the thing.

      Battery Clamp - Removing (WILD)
      Needing to remove this battery charger clamp from a battery while lucid when I remember that the battery charger is still on. Turning the battery charger off first, then removing the clamp, which clamp seems to have been approved for me to remove.

      Taking These Things Off Of Something - Hauling Off In A Wheel Barrel (WILD)
      Taking these things off of something while lucid and putting them in a wheel barrel which I'm hauling them off in.

      Looking For Something In A Woods - Putting Two Eggs In A Bucket (Super Vivid)
      Out in a woods with someone looking for something like exotic flowers. Finding this pool of water with these two things in it that seem to be eggs that I take out of the water with a net and put in this bucket to save. The things breaking and becoming liquid when I put them in the bucket.

      Apartment Building - Jogging Through (Super Vivid)
      Jogging through this woods that I used to jog through about 25 years ago IRL that has a hill that this path goes up and around and then comes back down the hill. Having jogged up and down this path several times as I live next to this woods in this dream.

      Going out into the woods one day to look for some exotic flowers and there now being this large apartment building where the woods was. Jogging through the apartment building going through these hallways, and up and down these stairs, sort of like I used to jog when I jogged through the woods, only going through the apartment building now.

      Noticing this guy jogging close behind me who passes me in one of the hallways. Continuing to jog behind the guy but staying back about 10 feet behind him so as not to crowd him. Later telling the wife about how this large apartment building is now where the woods used to be so there being no more exotic flowers there anymore.

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      Parking Lot - Truck Flying By In Front Of Me (WILD)
      Crossing this parking lot while lucid, walking past these parked cars, when this truck comes flying by in front of me. Thinking that this guy is driving way too fast for a parking lot. Thinking I could have stepped out in front of him and let him run through me but its too late now because he's gone.

      Park - Passing A Truck Load Of Kids (WILD)
      In a park while lucid where I'm walking past a truck load of kids who are selecting something one at a time. After passing the kids coming to what looks like a Day Care Center, which I then think is a Petting Zoo, but which turns out to be a Day Care For Pets where people can leave their pets.

      Hardware Store - Attractive Gal Trying To Get Something On The Other Side Of This Wall (WILD)
      In a hardware store while lucid, where there is this attractive gal wearing this long summer dress, who is reaching over this display or wall to get something. Walking over and asking her if I can help her get something after which she shows me something like a shoe on the other side of the wall. Pushing the wall back and retrieving her shoe which she thanks me for.

      Going Somewhere In A Car - Gal Supposed To Follow Me (WILD)
      Going somewhere in the car while lucid, and having this gal in another car who is supposed to follow me. Being down the road a ways and looking back and seeing her just pulling out of the driveway, so slowing down to allow her to catch up with me. When I look back though she's now completely gone as she appears to have turned off the road.

      In The Parking Lot Of A Hotel - Guy Driving Up In A Golf Cart (WILD)
      In the parking lot of a fancy hotel while lucid where this guy in a golf cart drives up to get my bags. Seems like I'm going to some kind of event at the hotel. Seeing this modern looking hotel in the distance.

      Being James Bond - Jumping On A Street Car Then Climbing A Tower (WILD)
      Becoming an older version of the Roger Moore James Bond in this lucid. Being with an attractive lady with dark hair waiting for this street car which fails to slow down when it gets to us. Grabbing a hold of this handle and pulling myself up on the street car after which I pull my female companion up with my other hand, after which we're sitting on the front of the bus.

      Seeing this tower in the distance that we run over to and begin climbing the stairs in. Getting up 3/4 of the way up the tower and then having to stop and catch my breath as I realize how old I've gotten. Going on up to the top of the tower where there is a platform that looks like the deck of a yacht, as it has this outdoor carpet on it and a railing that goes around it. Laying out on these lawn chairs with my friend and relaxing.

      On An Aluminum Ladder Working On A Light - Shocking The Crap Out Of Myself (WILD)
      Being on an aluminum ladder working on this outdoor light while lucid when I somehow get a hold of this live wire that shocks the crap out of me and which causes me entire body to shake. :headbanger: In fact I'm still shaking when I wake up. (Man this getting shocked is getting old...Noticed one of my outdoor lights not working yesterday. Guess I better be careful when I replace it).

      Gal In The Lake - Getting Stuck in Some Mud (Super Vivid)
      Being with some gal out in the lake when I get busy and end up somewhere else on shore. Sensing that she's going to get in trouble where she's at, then noticing that she's already in trouble as she seems to be stuck in the mud. Using my imagination to get her freed up from the mud, then levitating her up onto the shore as it seems to be too dangerous to be out in the lake now.

      Cleaning These Live Cats Out Of The Lake - Guy Picking Them Up (Super Vivid)
      Cleaning out the lake, only taking something like live cats out of the lake which someone is picking up. ??? Taking out what seems to be 30 or 40 of them.

      Turning Out Onto The Road Then Turning Into My Driveway - Using Imagination To Open The Gate (WILD)
      In my van coming out onto the road a little ways from my driveway, then turning into my driveway while lucid. Having to wait for this car to come through the intersection first, after which I go in front of the next car that drives up to the intersection, and then into my driveway. Using my imagination to open the gate.

      Large Program - Saving (WILD)
      Saving some kind of large computer program while lucid by hitting file, save, file, save, file, save, over and over again.

      Getting On An Airplane - Thinking About Going Swimming During The Flight (Super Vivid)
      Getting ready to go somewhere on this large airplane. Thinking that I've arrived real early but finding out that I'm only about 10 minutes early. Having drank of a lot of something like iced tea before boarding the plane, so having to use the restroom constantly.

      Using the restroom when first boarding the plane, after which I see a guy I used to work with sitting in the back of plane. As my friend motions for me to come and sit in this corner seat in the back row I go back and sit in that seat and then stretch out and relax.

      Needing to use the restroom again so finding this restroom at the front of the plane and going in it. Noticing it is right next to the cabin when I enter it. As there is no lock on the door some lady opens the door while I'm taking a piss and then closes the door. Then some guy comes by and opens the door which I shut this time as he leaves the door open thinking I might share the restroom with him.

      Finishing my business after which the guy goes into the restroom. When some gal comes along and asks if he will share the restroom with her he says he will and then starts washing her upper body and her arm pits. O_O

      Leaving the plane and walking around the area outside where there are a couple of brick buildings, one which seems to be a restaurant, and a nice concrete swimming pool with two diving boards that these people are diving off of. There are about 20 people swimming in the pool. It is evening time and I'm thinking that I'd like to go swimming during the flight. Hoping that I brought my trunks along and then remember that I did.

      As I'm walking back to the plane I begin to wonder if this entire area including the swimming pool is included in the plane. Hoping that it is as I'd like to go swimming during the flight. (Dream logic, you gotta love it.)

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      Large Tent - Gospel Singing (WILD)
      Being outside where there is a large tent while lucid, which I first think is a circus, but then notice this stage in front and chairs under the tent. Noticing these singing groups on stage and realizing it is an outdoor Gospel Concert.

      Gas Pump - Getting Ready To Pay (WILD)
      Having pulled up to a gas pump and getting ready to put a credit card in and pay while lucid. Thinking that my credit card and drivers license are by themselves in the back pocket of these jogging shorts that I have on, but then realizing that they're in my billfold. So taking the credit card out of the billfold, paying for the gas, then gassing up my car.

      Large Guy With His Shirt Off - Having Hurt His Back (WILD)
      Talking to this really large guy who has his shirt off while lucid, who seems to have hurt his back, so is trying to find a heating pad or heat strip to put on his back.

      Guy Using An Device To Get Feedback From Dreamers - Getting Empty Feedback From Dreamers Out Of Town (WILD)
      Watching this guy that has this electronic device while lucid, that his using to send something to these dreamers with asking for their help with something like interpreting a dream. As some of the people are out of town, he is getting empty feedback from the signal he sent out to them.

      Model Train Set - Standing In The Middle Of (WILD)
      Standing in the middle of this large model train set while lucid where I'm having to be careful as I walk over it to make sure and not step on any of the trees or other scenery or buildings. Walking mostly on the track that is about a foot wide.

      Theater - Leaving, Then Unable To Find My Seat When I Return (WILD)
      Having sat down somewhere like a theater with the wife while lucid, after which I leave for a minute, and am unable to find our seats when I come back, as our seats seem to be gone. After an usher seats me in another section I'm thinking that I need to go find the wife to let her know we have new seats now. Going back to where we were at first and noticing someone else sitting there now.

      Inspector - Coming Back To Check Something On My House (WILD)
      Having this inspector come back and inspect something on the house while lucid.

      Outside By The Lake - Piling Something Up For This Truck Pick Up (WILD)
      Being outside by the lake while lucid, piling something up for this truck to come by and pick up.

      In The Backyard With The Cats - Neighbor's Cats Walking Toward Us (WILD)
      In the backyard with the cats while lucid when I see three of the neighbor's cats walking our way, after which one of them starts running toward us. They all stop a ways off before coming into the yard though.

      Restaurant - Moving Tables Apart To Have A Place To Sit (WILD)
      Having entered a restaurant with the wife while lucid, looking for a place to sit. Finding a place with two tables together where two gals are just getting ready to sit down. Pulling the tables apart so we will have a place to sit.

      Parking Lot - Pickup Truck Stuck In The Ditch (WILD)
      In a parking lot in the car while lucid, needing to get over to this other parking lot that has a ditch between it and the parking lot I'm in. Seeing a pickup truck stuck in the ditch between the two parking lots who is stuck spinning his wheels trying to get out.

      Lake - Large Fish Swimming Back And Forth Close To The Shore (WILD)
      At the far end of the yard looking back down the lake where I see these two large fish about 18 inches long casually swimming back and forth close to the shore.

      Videos Of The Wife - Watching On The Computer (Super Vivid)
      Having these two videos of the wife that I'm watching on my computer which seem like live videos except that every time I watch them again they are exactly like they were the first time I watched them. There's another video where we're picking up these metal things and putting them in something.

      Guy Who Is Supposed To Fix The Gate - Trying To Figure Out When He Is Going To Come By (WILD)
      This guy who is supposed to fix the gate in the morning is trying to figure out what day he is going to be able to come by in this lucid, when I remember that he told me he was going to come by the first thing in the morning, so realize this is another WILD.

      Van - Not Starting (WILD)
      Trying to start this van while lucid when it won't start as the battery seems to be dead. The light comes on when I turn the key, but the engine won't turn over.

      Orange Cat Laying In The Street - Truck Going Over Him But Not Hitting Him (WILD)
      Looking out in the street while lucid and seeing this orange cat laying in the road that a truck drives over. After the truck passes, the cat gets up, stretches, then walks off the road, as it appears that the truck missed him.

      Phone Call From The Worm Guy - Telling Him About My Worms (Super Vivid)
      Having gotten a phone call from this guy I bought these worms from. Telling him how I had put the worms in this worm farm container I had paid over $80 for and how the worms had not done so well in this container. Telling him how I had then put the worms in this large plastic tote I had bought at Walmart for $4 and how the worms have been flourishing in it producing like crazy.

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      (I'm about ready for a night off after last night. This was exhausting as I felt like I was doing this all night. )

      Friend - Working On The Bathroom Stool (WILD)
      This guy who put a gate up for me is in the bathroom working on the toilet in this WILD. He pulls the toilet off of the floor and puts something like a sheet of plastic between the floor and the stool. Wondering what he's doing working in the bathroom.

      Cat Having A Hamster On Its Back - Running Into The Lake And Swimming Across The Lake (WILD)
      Watching my cat while lucid that has something like a sheet on its back, that a small animal like a hamster gets on after which my cat goes running down and jumps into the lake and starts swimming across the lake with the hamster still on her back.

      Logs Being Moved Through The Air - Rope Breaking (WILD)
      Looking at a bunch of logs while lucid in what appears to be a logging area on a steep hill. Two of the logs have ropes tied around them and are being moved through the air to another place when the rope breaks and the logs go crashing to the ground, and then go rolling down this hill sending everyone below scrambling to get out of the way.

      Hooking Up A Refrigerator - Guy Telling Me I Need To Hook It Up To A Line (WILD)
      Doing some kind of work on the refrigerator while lucid, when this guy who is helping me tells me that I need to hook it up to some kind of line. Thinking he must mean a water line so there will be water in the refrigerator.

      Wife - Hearing Her Say Huh On The Inner World (WILD)
      Hearing the wife's voice in the other dimension while lucid when she says something like "huh". Deciding that this might be a good time to attempt the Monthly Meeting Challenge task of finding someone in the other dimension. Concentrating on the wife, but ending up somewhere else in another lucid.

      Large Red Riding Mower - Having Just Been Delivered (WILD)
      Seeing this nice red riding lawn tractor in the yard while lucid, which is really a heavy duty tractor. The tractor seems to have just been delivered and someone is helping me figure out how to use it. (I did buy a lawn tractor about a week ago, but it was gray and much smaller than the one in this dream. I guess my subconscious felt like I needed a nicer one. ).

      Going To See The Wife In Her Bedroom - Wife Asking What I'm Doing There (WILD)
      Concentrating again on going to see the wife while lucid, after which I'm in her bedroom. When she sees me she asks "what are you doing here?" (Guess I should have told her I was planning to visit her in the dream world before hand).

      On A House Boat With The Wife - Viewing A Cabin On The Front Of The Boat (WILD)
      On a house boat with the wife while lucid, being in the front part of the boat that is covered and has a steering wheel, and a captains seat. Imagining how nice it would be to have some more chairs or couches in here after which there are a couple of soft couches that a person could sit in and relax.

      In The Living Room - Wife Asking How Something Feels (WILD)
      Concentrating on visiting the wife again when I'm suddenly in the living room of the house while lucid. Doing something with the alarm system when the wife walks by and says "how does that feel now?" When I ask her "how does what feel?", she says "the air conditioning. I just turned it on."

      Working Outside On A Step Ladder - Three Neighbors Walking Up (WILD)
      On a step ladder doing some kind of work on the house while lucid, when these three neighbor guys walk up and start talking to me. Asking them how things are and them telling me that they hate being over there where everyone is always yelling and screaming at each other.

      Being Outside - Goat Walking Up To Me (WILD)
      Being outside while lucid when this goat walks up to me and offers the top of his head for me to put some stuff on that he will carry for me. ???

      Upstairs Bedroom - Having Curtains On The Back Windows (WILD)
      In the upstairs bedroom while lucid where there are these curtains on the back two winders that face out toward the lake which IRL have no curtains. The curtains have been put up so as not to hang down over the windows though. Getting rid of the curtains with my imagination, but then noticing that the two large fans that are normally in front of the windows are missing, so putting them back with my imagination.

      Laboratory - Having A Clone Of Myself Created (WILD)
      Concentrating on the lucid task of cloning myself after which I'm in the basement of this place while lucid, which place looks and feels like a laboratory. Being tied down on this table and having something like electrical cords running from me to this being on another table that looks like an alien. A doctor pulling this switch down after which the other body comes alive as it receives the electrical currents from me. Able to do much more in this new body as I'm able to float around and turn somersaults in the air. Thinking I should do this more often as much fun as it is.

      Checking Out An Outdoor Light - Checking Out The Wires (WILD)
      Trying to figure out what is wrong with this outdoor light while lucid, that I had just put up a couple of days earlier and which worked the previous night. Following these small wires to see if they are hooked up right to the hot wires from the house and they appear to be hooked up right.

      Guy Who Fixed My Gate - Walking Off Through A Vacant Lot (WILD)
      Seeing this guy who just fixed my gate while lucid, walking off through the vacant lot next door. Seems like he wanted to ask me something but I was busy at the time, so he went ahead and left.

      Park - Pulling A Large Trash Container Around Behind Me (WILD)
      Pulling this large trash container behind me while lucid, as I'm walking through this park that I go jogging in. Realizing that I'm shape shifting when I notice that I'm wearing this yellow jacket that the guys from the county prison wear when they work in the park.

      Showroom - Watching A Sheep About To Be Sheared (WILD)
      In this large showroom while lucid, watching this large screen TV on which a sheep who is about to be sheared by this man, kicks the man to keep him from shearing him.

      Two Glasses Of Ice Tea Sitting On The Dining Room Table - Getting Ready To Empty Then Putting In The Refrigerator (WILD)
      Seeing these two glasses of tea that the wife has left sitting out on the dining room table while lucid. As there is some other lady in the dining room I ask her what the wife is doing with the two glasses of tea to which she replies that she thinks she forgot about them. Getting ready to empty the tea into the sink when I realize that that still have a lot of tea in them. So putting them in the refrigerator instead. Asking the lady to tell the wife that her tea is in the refrigerator if she wants to know where they are. (interesting that some strange lady was in my house).

      Hat With A Cross On The Front Of It - Words Saying Dishonest Doctor's Office (WILD)
      Looking at this hat while lucid, that has a cross on the front part of it, and also has these words that say "Dishonest Doctor's Office", which seems to have something to do with the military.

      Health Clinic - Needing To Come Back Later For Second Visit (WILD)
      Having just gone to this health clinic in a Walgreen's store while lucid, and supposed to come back later for something. As they are all getting ready to go to lunch now I ask the receptionist what time I should show back up. She tells me that they'll be back at 230PM and asks if I would like to go ahead and schedule an appointment for that time, which I do.

      Covered Boat Dock - Gal Telling Me About What A Great Place It Is (WILD)
      Being on this covered boat dock while lucid where this gal is telling me that everyone is familiar with everyone's hair here. Her telling me that this is a great place to be because everyone learns from everyone else here.

      Being In Someone's Dream Journal On Mortal Mist - Accidentally Deleting Part Of The First Line Then Clearing Out (WILD)
      Being in someone's dream journal on Mortal Mist while lucid when I get confused and thinking I'm answering them, but instead am modifying their entry. Having deleted part of the first sentence of their entry, so trying to remember what it said so I can put it back in. Deciding that I might put something in wrong, so deciding to just clear the screen and get out without saving it, which works and saves their entry.

      Cattails - Taking Off Of A Flatbed Truck And Putting In A Wheel Barrel (WILD)
      Taking something like cattails off of this flatbed truck while lucid and putting them in a wheel barrel.

      Bathroom - Things Falling Out Of The Medicine Cabinet (WILD)
      In the bathroom looking in the medicine cabinet for something when this pack of pills that I never took starts to fall out.

      Being In The Living Room - Something I Need Being Used By Someone Out In The Lake (WILD)
      Being in the living room while lucid, where it seems like something I need is gone and is being used by someone out in the lake.

      Dining Room - Table Cloth Missing (WILD)
      Sitting at the dining room table while lucid, where there is something missing that I'm trying to figure out what it is. Seems like there is no table cloth on the table.

      Kitchen - Can Opener Not Working (WILD)
      Being in the kitchen while lucid, where the can opener seems to be broke. Using my imagination to replace it with a modern new can opener.

      Walgreens - Going Inside To Cool Off (WILD)
      Driving to this Walgreens where there is only one car ahead of me while lucid. Being really hot outside so going inside and walking around to cool off. Buying something like cat food.

      Cart - Buying From Some Guy For A Dollar (WILD)
      Having paid this guy 1 dollar for this cart that I put some things in that I've just bought while lucid. Pushing the cart along while wondering if I might get stopped by someone who thinks I'm stealing the cart. Asking the wife to guess how many of these things I just bought for a small amount of money, after which she is shocked when I tell her.

      On A Step Ladder Outside - Getting Shocked (WILD)
      Getting up on a step ladder while lucid, looking at a light that has stopped working when something shocks me so hard that it causes my entire body to vibrate and wakes me up. (Here we go again... :headbanger

      Golf Cart - Someone Trying To Sell It For Less Than $1,000 (WILD)
      Someone helping me do some kind of work while lucid. Using a golf cart that I'm thinking is worth probably one thousand dollars. When they leave though someone tells me that I should check on what they are doing as they seem to be trying to sell my golf cart for only $900, when I should be getting over $1,000 for it.

      Amusement Park - Seeing An Old Friend From Work (WILD)
      Seeing an old friend from work someplace like Disney World while lucid. After passing him and waving, deciding that I should have stopped to talk to him, so go back and talk to him. (Although it has been probably 18 months since I've seen this guy, this is about the third time I've dreamed about him in the past week. Maybe I will run into him soon.)

      Talking To A Gal About An Elevator - Deciding Not To Complain About It (WILD)
      Being someplace talking to this gal about an elevator they have where we work while lucid. Deciding that asking these guys to fix the elevator would just give them more to bitch about, so not complaining about it.

      Talking To The Gate Man - Thinking About Having Him Add Another Handle On The Outside (WILD)
      Talking to this man outside while lucid who has just asked me if there is anything else he can do to fix the gate. Thinking about asking him to put anohter handle on the outside to make the gate easier to open and close, but then deciding that he's already done enough extra work and that an extra handle is unnecessary.

      Opening Large Windows Upstairs - Too Little Air Coming Through (WILD)
      Opening this large window in the upstairs bedroom while lucid, to see if there is any air coming through. But there is too little air coming through to leave it open, so closing the window and using the air conditioner to cool the room.

      Helicopter - Taking Off In (WILD)
      Sitting in a helicopter while lucid which I decide to take off in, so pulling back on the lever and taking off into the air.

      Backyard - Grass Being A Foot High (WILD)
      Being out in the back yard while lucid, and noticing several places by the lake and next to the house where the grass has grown about a foot tall. Thinking I'm going to have to cut the grass when getting back home from jogging. Cutting the grass with my imagination after which I'm thinking this might be a good time to accomplish the lucid task of creating a thunderstorm, so concentrating on creating a thunderstorm but ending up somewhere else in another lucid.

      Getting Ready To Leave With The Wife - Asking Her If She Has Everything (WILD)
      Getting ready to leave to go somewhere with the wife while lucid, and asking her if she has everything. Thinking that she's forgotten something, so asking her if she has her cell phone, after which she shows me this small shiny thing that she thinks is her cell phone but which I think isn't. Getting into the car and leaving for the park.

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      People I Used To Work With - Planning A Retirement Party For Me (WILD)
      People I used to work with are planning a retirement party for me in this lucid, at this expensive restaurant that is clear across town from where I live. Thinking it would be better if they would plan it at an all you eat buffet restaurant where the prices would be more reasonable. Trying to figure out how to tell them this, but as they seem set on this restaurant, thinking I'll just go there and do the best I can to enjoy myself.

      Guy Unloading A Flatbed Truck - Thing Crashing Back Down On The Truck (WILD)
      Watching this guy trying to take this large metal thing off of a flat bed truck while lucid, which he drops back down on the truck when he tries to pick it up. As the truck is sitting in my front yard I'm thinking he is unloading this thing for me.

      Guy Recording Something About Me - False Awakening (WILD)
      Watching this guy while lucid, who is trying to record something about me like my heartbeat on this machine. After he records the thing I wake up, or at least think I wake up as it is actually a false awakening, after which I wake up for real.

      Auditorium - American Idol Competition (WILD)
      Being in an auditorium where these three people are competing for an American Idol award while lucid, which entitles the winner to be able to go to the head of the line at any American Idol competition anywhere in the country. The three people in the competition have already performed earlier in the day and won their competition, so are now competing for the grand prize.

      The first kid who performs laughs the entire time he is performing which ruins his performance. Some gal then performs who does something equally stupid, but I forget what it was now. When the last guy comes out on the stage the stage sinks down like it is going into the ocean.

      Lady Telling Some Guy To Let It Grow - Waking Up Laughing (WILD)
      Some lady telling this guy that she's all for letting it grow in this lucid, whatever that means. Whatever she is talking about is so funny that I start laughing which wakes me up.

      Guy Talking About This Businesses Web Site - Showing Only Positive Comments (WILD)
      Listening to this guy talking about this guy who has a website while lucid, which guy has had a lot of complaints about his business practices which he has managed to keep off of his website as he is able to control the contents of his website to allow only positive feedback to show up on it.

      Gal Needing Someone to Help Her Move Something - Deciding That It Does Not Need To Be Moved (WILD)
      Being somewhere where this gal is trying to get someone to help her move something while lucid. Seems like she has the thing on a golf cart and wants someone to hold onto it while she drives the cart to keep it from falling off. Then deciding the thing she has does not to be moved, as they can fix it where it is at.

      Trying To Knock Some Things Down - Using My Imagination (WILD)
      Trying to knock these things down while lucid by throwing these rocks and anything else I can find at them, but having a difficult time knocking them down as they are too heavy. Using my imagination to knock them down which works much better.

      Someone Knocking On The Screen Door - Being A Bit Frightened (WILD)
      Hearing someone knocking at the screen door while lucid, and hearing the screen door rattle as they knock. Even though I know this is a dream I still feel a bit scared as I'm unsure who it is at the door.

      Dropping A Container Of Milk - Catching It Before It Hits The Ground (WILD)
      Having grabbed a large container of milk while in a grocery store while lucid, which slips out of my hand. Being able to reach down and grab it real fast before it hits the floor. (Incredible how fast my reflexes are when lucid).

      Having Escaped From Prison - Being Apprehended By The Police (Super Vivid)
      Having escaped from prison in this dream and being tracked down by the police. Driving this red 1955 Chevy SS, trying to hide from the police. Running into my former boss and director from work who tell me that they proof that I was out of town the day the police think that I did something, so can clear me of the charges.

      Seeing the police drive into the parking lot I'm in, so ducking down in my car to hide. It's too late though because they see me and are headed my way. Trying to drive away to escape, but it's no use because my car is too slow and there are too many police cars in the way.

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      Wires To A Light Fixture Being Frayed - Fixing With My Imagination (WILD)
      Looking at these wires from a light fixture while lucid, that are getting very frayed. Using my imagination to make the wires look normal again so they are much safer.

      House - Viewing (WILD)
      Sitting in this nice light colored house while lucid, that has this black ornamental piece that goes around the outside of the house. There is this wooden fence about three feet high that goes around this nice grassy yard that has a small gate that opens in the front. There's a swing set on the side of the house.

      Now being in the garage where there is a motor mount that is used to work on car engines on one side with some exercise equipment on the other side with a punching bag.

      My position changes again and I'm now outside the garage looking in noticing how neat and orderly it is inside the garage. Now being in another room looking outside seeing these shrubs around the yard and seeing the neighbor's house which is only about ten feet away.

      Lady Sitting In Her Car - Tornado Coming Through And Blowing Everything Away (WILD)
      Watching this lady outside in her car while lucid, when something like a tornado comes through and starts blowing stuff all around. Using my imagination to get control of the scene and putting everythi9ng back the way it was before the wind came through.

      Rubbing My Hand Over A Battery - Almost Getting Shocked (WILD)
      Rubbing my hand over a battery while lucid, when I sense that I'm about to be shocked. Quickly pulling my hand away to avoid getting shocked. (Whew, that was close!)

      Being In A Dark Place Like A Basement - Guy Opening Up A Door That A Cat Pulls Itself Up Into (WILD)
      In a dark place like a basement while lucid when this guy opens the door to come into his house. As I climb up these stairs to go into the house myself the door seems to have been left open so that one of his cats who was also in the basement can get into the house. Watching the cat jump up and pull itself up into the door. (Purpose of the lucid seems to have been to allow me to feel what a cat locked in a basement would feel like).

      Place Putting Windows In The House - Needing To Order More Windows (Super Vivid)
      Having had these people put some windows in the house, which people leave before getting all of the windows in, as they have to go back to get something else. When the same people come back I put in an order for the rest of the windows.

      Talking To The Owner Of A Tire Store - Asking How To Get The Tires Back Together (Super Vivid)
      Talking to the owner of this tire store about what I need to do to get these tires I have back together. Him telling me to do like I did the first time and connect them all together before blowing them up.

      Talking To The Driver Of A Supply Truck - Ordering The Rest Of The Things I Need For The Lake (Super Vivid)
      Talking to the driver of this supply truck when he comes back again with the things I need for the other half of the things that are out in the lake. After he brings the things I need I take them out and hook them up to the things that are already in the lake so that I now have trash cans I can use to put stuff from the lake into. ???

      Drug Store - Owner Offering Me A Dollar For This Shirt (WILD)
      At a drugstore while lucid, trying to sell the owner an extra shirt that I have. Him offering me only one dollar for the shirt which I'm thinking is too little. Him telling me that people usually donate things to his store, but since this is such a nice shirt he would be willing to give me one dollar for it. Me deciding to keep the shirt.

      Working In A High Office Building - Hearing About A Storm Coming So Going To Check It Out (WILD)
      Working in this office building on one of the higher floors while lucid when I hear something about a storm or tornado. Wondering why no one is having us evacuate the floor and go for shelter, so going to check out the storm myself. Finding out that the storm is in another county, so that we are in no danger.

      Van - Driving Itself (WILD)
      Asking someone about this van while lucid that appears to be driving itself around as there is no one in it.

      Being Stopped At An Intersection - Car Load Of Things Pulling Up Behind Me And Coming Toward Me (WILD)
      Being stopped at this intersection while lucid, when this car load of thugs pulls up behind me and a couple of guys get out and start walking toward my car. Getting my windows rolled up real fast and then driving through a red light to get away from them. Realizing at this point that I should have taking control of the dream, so levitating the two guys and pinning them up in these two trees. ;-D

      Guy Delivering A Saw - Missing Some Parts (WILD)
      This guy delivers some kind of saw that I had ordered in this lucid, that I seem to be unable to use effectively in its current state as it seems to need more parts of attachments to do these other things with. Using the thing to cut these weeds down with when I realize that something never got put on the saw. Calling and ordering the missing part which they call and let me know when it arrives and let me know that they will be delivering it the next day. When the next day comes, after thinking about things, deciding that I can get by without the extra parts, so cancel the order.

      Having Something Delivered To Help Take Things Out Of The Lake - Thing Being Incomplete But Using It Anyway (WILD)
      Having something delivered again while lucid that is supposed to help me pull these things out of the lake. Noticing that it is incomplete while looking at it, but knowing how to use it the way it is.

      Bicycle - Getting Ready To Ride Back With This Gal (Vivid)
      Having ridden this bicycle to this place with some gal and now getting ready to ride back home.

      Relaxing With Some Friends - Watching A Football Game, Then Taking A Bus To The Stadium (Super Vivid)
      Relaxing with some friends in this place when someone mentions a football game being on TV that I had forgotten about. Turning on the TV and noticing that they have already played the first quarter. The game is between Nebraska and someone like Syracuse, and the score is 7 to 7.

      Forgetting about the game and then noticing that the score is 30 to 7 when I look again. Thinking that Nebraska is getting beat, but then noticing that Nebraska whose initials in the dream are UNEB instead of NU, is the team with the 30 points. Now having missed the entire half of what I'm thinking would have been a good game to watch.

      Riding on this bus with a group of guys while sitting in this seat with a friend. Noticing that there are 30 trays next to the side of the seats that represent the days of the month. The last tray is about half the size of the other trays as it seems to represent only a partial day which is called a HUB. ???

      Arriving at this stadium where we see Nebraska's coach standing in the parking lot, only instead of being Bo Pelini, he is Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Telling him how good we're doing since we figured out how to use the HUB day tray that we found on the bus. ???

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      (Got to sleep really easy last night which resulted in mostly vivid dreams rather than WILDs, which was kind of nice after having been kept awake by all of the WILDs lately. Felt good to get a good nights sleep again)

      Big Gray Lion - Running Toward The Door (WILD)
      The wife being outside in the yard when I open the kitchen door while lucid. The wife yells out "He's coming toward the house" after which I see this giant gray lion running toward the door. Closing the door as fast as I can and locking it just in the nick of time before he gets to the door. (Whey, that was close, and scary...even if it was a dream).

      Electrical Wires To The Neighbor's House - Getting These Numbers Off Of Them For Later (Super Vivid)
      My neighbors having these electrical wires they are using for something which are going to be mine when they move. The owner of the house who is letting these people live there without paying any rent is telling me to get those wires so that I'll know what they go to when they move out. Getting the numbers off the wires as they come out of the house so that I'll know what they go to later and can look up directions on them to see how they work.

      Needing To Give A Friend A Ride To Work - Having Trouble Leaving (Super Vivid)
      Needing to give this guy a ride to work who works somewhere close to where I work, but being unsure exactly where he works, so needing to look it up on the internet. Having to pull this vine down with these directions on it, but the vine being hard to pull down. Pulling and pulling, but part of the vine is still stuck in the tree.

      Needing to leave about 30 minutes before needing to be at work in order to make it to work in time and it almost being that time now. Becoming more and more nervous as the time continues to tick away.

      Going out the door to leave and this stray cat that I've been keeping in the house getting out the door. Seeing my other cat under the house when I look for the stray cat, then then seeing him under the house sitting on this giant turtle. There are two of these giant turtles under the house and they have these small salamanders sitting on their backs. Trying to leave for work in order not to be late but it getting later and later.

      Having Agreed To Lead The Song Service At This Country Church - Planning To Look Through A Song Book To Pick Out Some Songs (Super Vivid)
      Having agreed to lead the song service at this church that is somewhere out in the country about an hour from where I live. Planning to look through a song book and pick out a bunch of good songs to lead them in, but never getting around to it as I'm busy trying to get my cats back into the house. Deciding to just look through a song book after I get to the church.

      Health Food Store - Bird Feed (Super Vivid)
      In a health food store where they have all of these samples of various bird food that I'm thinking that these two parakeets that I have at home in this dream might enjoy. One of the samples has this birds head in it that looks like it is a live bird. Sampling this one bird food called almond joy which tastes good as it is sweet. Having 3 or 4 other samples also, but none of the food has any prices on it. Wondering how much it cost and where the regular boxes of it as I only see the samples on the shelf.

      Being At Work - Planning To Be Gone Due To Getting Married (Super Vivid)
      Working at this place where I'm planning to marry this gal. A boss having asked me about doing something that I won't be able to do since I'm getting married so will be gone. There are these other two people there who the boss comes over and asks which is the next one of them that is going to get married.

      There is this gal that I used to work around who asks me to do something sexual to her, something like putting something down her pants, which I do, and which turns her on. Someone comes over to talk to her while she is all turned on, which she is doing her best not to show. (Very strange dream!)

      Iced Tea - Having Strands Of Something In It (WILD)
      Drinking a glass of herbal tea while lucid, that I had brewed out in the sun, when I see these strands of something in it. Remembering reading how making sun tea, especially herbal tea can breed germs and how they would show up as these kind of strands. Throwing the rest of the tea away.

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      In A Restaurant With The Wife - Spiking Some Water With The Wife's Pop (WILD)
      In a restaurant with the wife while lucid where the wife has gotten some pop to drink while I've gotten a glass of water. Taking some of the wife's pop and pouring it into my water to make it taste better when the manager comes over and asks what I'm doing. Telling him that I'm spiking my water with the wife's pop. As he seems to think that I should have bought my own pop I inform him that I'm a senior citizen so that my drink would have been free anyway, so it doesn't matter.

      Someone In The Other Dimension - Pulling My Left Shoulder Back (WILD)
      Feeling something touching me on the left shoulder while lucid, after which it starts gently pulling my shoulder back.

      Bank Lobby - Sitting Next To An Attractive Lady (WILD)
      Sitting next to an attractive lady in a bank lobby while lucid who I ask how long it's going to be before I can talk to one of their bankers about opening an account. Her telling me that it should be less than five minutes since no one is ahead of me. Enjoying being next to the lady so much that I'm no longer in a hurry to talk to a banker.

      Talking To A Nurse On The Phone - Asking Her To Give Me The Results Of My Physical Over The Phone (WILD)
      Talking to this lady on the phone while lucid about a physical that I had two months ago, asking her if they can just give me the results over the phone, or else send them to me in the mail. Her telling me that I first need to fill out some kind of form giving them the authority to release the results to me, so telling her to send the forms to me.

      Kitchen Floor - Sweeping Sugar Off The Floor (WILD)
      Having dropped some sugar all over the kitchen floor while lucid that I'm sweeping up with a broom.

      Getting Ready To Send A Fax - Hitting My Elbow On The Printer (WILD)
      Getting some paperwork together to send a fax with while lucid when I hit my arm on the printer tray that makes an odd high pitched pinging sound.

      Two Cats - Hearing On The Inner World (WILD)
      Hearing what sounds like a couple of cats hissing at each other in this lucid, which sounds like it is coming from below my window, but which I can tell is coming from the inner world and not the physical. (Must be that thread on hearing things when sleepy that has caused all of these odd lucids of hearing things and being touched by beings from the other dimension tonight. )

      Guy Collapsing Out In The Lake - Thinking I Could Be Held Responsible (WILD)
      Working out in the lake while lucid when this guy who is helping me collapses. Thinking that I might be held responsible for this since he seems to have been working for me, but then noticing this nitroglycerin under his tongue, after which I'm thinking he just had a heart attack.

      Checking Out Some Lawn Mowers - Wife Bring Two Large Pieces Of Pie To Me (WILD)
      Checking out some lawn mowers in a home and garden center while lucid when the wife brings out a couple of real large pieces of pie to me.

      In The Lake - Replanting Some Plants (WILD)
      Out in the lake replanting these Pickerelweed plants that came loose while pulling out some cattails the other day.

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      (May have to adjust my supplements a little. Having a hard time staying awake to WILD lately. Feels good to have normal dream again though. When I was having a lot of WILDs it became difficult to remember my normal dreams at times because I seemed to have gotten out of practice.)

      Hospital - Putting In A Request For A Nurse (WILD)
      Being in a hospital while lucid, where I'm talking to this guy about having this nurse stop by and see me, who always stops by and sees this other guy, but never stops to see me. Thinking that if I put a request in for her to come by that she'll stop by to see me.

      Something Needing To Be Done - No One Having Time To Do I( (Vivid)
      Having something that needs to be done that no one who is working in this place seems to have time to do, so having this guy stay over from the first shift to do it on overtime. This working real well as the guy who stays over is enjoying what he is doing, and it reli9eving the other shift of having to do it.

      Underground Passageway - Rubbing Something Like Cole Cream On The Glass Part Of This Door (Super Vivid)
      Going through this underground passageway with some friends, where there are all of these doors that we're going through, which doors are metal on the bottom part, but have glass on the top part. Getting to this one door where I'm making a design on the glass part of the door with something like cold cream, only it is a purple color. Rubbing the cream all over the window, over and over again, trying to make a pattern out of it. When the top part starts wearing out putting more cold cream on it. Since all of the windows on these doors have this cold cream on them, being sure I'll plenty of it.

      Cell Phone - Beeping Because Of A Low Battery (WILD)
      Hearing this beep while lucid, that I'm thinking came from the alarm system, but then noticing that it came from this cell phone sitting on the counter. Looking at the cell phone and noticing that it has a low battery signal on it. Wondering how the battery could be low when it has been plugged in charging all night.

      Parking Lot Of An Amusement Park - Needing To Get To The Main Lot (WILD)
      In the parking lot of an amusement park while lucid, only being in a parking lot that is down away from the main parking lot where the tram is going to be stopping at. There are two ways to get over to the main lot, one way in which I would have to walk all the way around, and another way which I can cut through at the end of the lot. Walking to the end of the lot, but there being a marsh area there. Using my imagination to transport myself to the front gate, then going ahead and transporting myself inside.

      Electrical Cord - Being Weaker Than These Other Cords (WILD)
      Using an electrical cord for something while lucid, that seems weaker than the other cords, so plugging it into these other cords in order to be able to use it.

      Large Office Building - Needing To Go Through Some Kind Of Course (Super Vivid)
      Going through this really large office building at work, where I'm needing to take some sort of class. Walking with my old director past his old office which they have turned into some sort of game room now. Going into his new office which is real large and has all of these tables in it.

      Needing to fill out some sort of sample questions in this booklet to take with me to this other classroom where the class is at. Wondering where my co-workers are, then noticing it is 8:05AM, so thinking that they've already left for the class which seems to have started at 8:00AM.

      Grabbing this booklet from the middle of the table and getting ready to answer the questions in it, but they have already been filled out by someone else whose name is written in the back of the booklet. Thinking I could use their answers to check my answers with. Picking up another booklet and it also already being filled out by someone else. Thinking that these guys must have filled the booklets out and then forgotten to take them to the class with them.

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      Palm Tree - Having Several Dead Branches (WILD)
      Outside in the back yard looking at this palm tree while lucid, that has a bunch of dead branches at the top of it that are about ready to fall. Shaking the tree with my imagination go get the dead branches down so that it will only have live branches.

      Theme Park - Ships Everywhere (WILD)
      Being with the wife in a theme park where there are all of these ships while lucid. Walking over toward this one ship, but unable to understand my mumbling after this.

      Large Auditorium - Packed With People (WILD)
      Walking into this large auditorium while lucid, that is packed with people. After sitting down in the back, trying to find another place to sit, as the seat I had first sat in is broke. Going down to the front and then across, then back up the other side where there is a seat.

      Ferris Wheel - Waiting In Line To Ride (WILD)
      Waiting in a short line to ride a Ferris wheel while lucid with some other guys. The ride has a height requirement of about 5 feet that comes up to my neck. As the attendant who is supposed to be seating people on the ride is busy talking to someone I go ahead and move the bar up and get in, after which the ride takes off.

      Needing To Do Some Electrical Work - Deciding To Get A Neighbor To Help (WILD)
      Thinking about getting someone from this labor pool to come over and help me do some electrical wiring while lucid, when I remember a neighbor who is unemployed who helped me earlier with some wiring. so deciding to use him instead.

      Working In The Lake - Pulling Weeds Out And Putting Them On This Truck (Super Vivid)
      Doing something out in the middle of the lake in the middle of all of these tall weeds that I seem to be pulling out of the lake. A truck comes by that I'm able to put the weeds from the lake into as long as they're shorter than a certain length. Making sure the weeds are all short enough to fit on the truck. There is this gal working out in the lake too who when she sees the truck driver up runs over to put all of her stuff on the truck.

      Basketball Game - Making A Last Minute Shot To Win The Game (DILD)
      Playing in this basketball game where I've gone over to the sidelines to get these cornstalks for some reason. There are only a few seconds left in the game and my team has the ball, and we are one point behind. As we are passing the ball around the time is running out. Becoming lucid as the ball is passed to me with about 2 seconds left. Having to shoot the ball before the time runs out. Shooting the ball and controlling it with my imagination to make a basket which wins the game for us.

      Lottery - Winning (DILD)
      Sitting in this classroom with a group of people when someone comes over with this radio on which someone is announcing who won this lottery. Everyone in the room gets quiet as we listen for the winner, after which everyone starts doing things to bring them good luck like giving each other high fives. There is this skeleton's mouth sitting on this table next to me that this guy comes over and starts moving its mouth up and down for good lucid. Becoming lucid as the winner of lottery is announced, and controlling the announcement to be my name.

      Driving A Car Across The Country - Stopping At A Diner To Eat (Super Vivid)
      Having driven both of my cars across the country and now driving one of them back. The car I'm driving is a very small white car that is more like a golf cart, except that it goes as fast as a normal car.

      Having stopped at this truck stop with a diner in it to eat where there are 3 or 4 large guys who are also ordering something to eat. Having ordered a hamburger and a soft drink. When the other guys get their food they are giant meals with entire turkeys on their plate.

      After getting my meal and eating it I ask the waitress how much my bill is, and she tells me it is about 3.00 to 5.00, which I'm thinking is reasonable. Having given her a dollar already and then giving her a five dollar bill. Thinking I should have just given her five dollars and then left the dollar for a tip. Expecting her to give me some change but she never returns. One of the large guys stopping by at my table and telling me not to be surprised at how expensive their meals are at the this place.

      Checking with the waitress before leaving to make sure the bill had been taken care of and to see if she plans to give me any change, and sensing that she has no intention of giving me any change. Leaving the restaurant to head outside. Deciding to go out the end of the restaurant where the gas pumps are rather than walking around the other way. Being suddenly outside in the parking lot as there seemed to have been no wall or door at the end of the building.

      Getting in my little white car and driving off. Getting to the road but being unsure which way to go. Deciding to go this one way and just turn around if it is the wrong way. The road is covered with snow and there is a huge accident ahead of me with many cars piled up. On the other side of the highway a patrol car comes skidding by out of control spinning around in circles as it passes by.

      As I get close to the accident there are these two road graders that seem to be battling with these cars as they are plowing into them with their shovels trying to push them off the road. Getting by this mess as fast as I can and getting back on the road ahead where everything is clear except for the snow on the road. Unsure how I'm going to get my other car back home since it is still on the other side of the country. Thinking I'll have to fly back to pick it up later and drive it back.

      Orphanage - Two Priests (Super Vivid)
      Watching these kids in an orphanage where there is an older priest who is asking everyone to do all of these things, and a younger priest who is Christopher Reeves. Christopher Reeves telling the older priest "All is not needed father, for all is love."

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      Light Fixture - Hitting My Head On (WILD)
      Bumping my head on what I sense is light fixture of some sort in the inner world while lucid. (Having no fixtures like this in the bedroom).

      Looking At A Creek That Appears To Be Flooding - Restoring The Creek To It's Normal State (WILD)
      Standing at the top of this creek while lucid, in which the water is moving very swift and has a lot of brush and other things in it. Thinking that I'm watching a flood. Concentrating on restoring the creek to its normal state after which everything has quieted down, the water is flowing slowly down the creek, and there is is grass and flowers growing along the creek bank.

      Mirror - Stepping Into (WILD)
      Being in front of a building somewhere where this large mirror is hanging down in front of the building. Deciding that this would be a good time to complete the monthly task of stepping through a mirror, so stepping into the mirror. Although I go through into the mirror I seem to get stuck on the other side of the mirror which stretches out on the back side to hold me in. Feeling like I'm in this small room on the other side of the mirror in which I can only go so far as I walk around. Deciding to get back out of the mirror and sensing that I should stand with my back facing the outside of the mirror. Facing the outside of the mirror with my back after which I'm propelled out of the mirror like a cannon ball. ;-D

      Guy Cutting This Design Out Of A Piece Of Cardboard - Having Torn Edges (WILD)
      Having this guy cut this design out of a large piece of cardboard while lucid. After he cuts the thing out there are some torn edges on the thing that I'm planning to tape up.

      Air Potatoes - Digging Out Of The Ground (WILD)
      Out in the yard while lucid where I see these two long vines that go to these air potatoes in the ground. Getting a shovel and digging them out of the ground.

      Large Yellow Wagon - Wife Filling With Light Things (WILD)
      Watching the wife pull this large yellow wagon through the yard while lucid, which is about 3 times as large as this small red wagon that she usually pulls things around the yard in. She's putting really light things in so that it will be light enough to pull.

      Getting Ready To Cut This Long Weed - Ending Up Somewhere Else On A Creek Bank (WILD)
      Looking at this tall weed that I'm planning to cut down while lucid, that has this long part right in the middle of it that is much longer than the rest of the weed. Pulling the weed apart to get the long part out, after which I'm somewhere else on a creek bank with this sandy bottom that has shallow water running through it.

      Watching A Bicycle Race - Guys Holding Their Arms Out To Reach The Finish Line (WILD)
      Watching these two guys riding bicycles in a race while lucid, who are coming to the finish line for a photo finish. Both guys are holding their arms out to try to cross the finish line first, with the guy on the left barely crossing the finish line before the other guy.

      Seeing A Long Black Snake Up In A Tree - Something Shaking The Tree Causing It To Fall To The Ground (WILD)
      Seeing this long black snake up in this tree in the front yard while lucid. Getting close to the tree when something shakes the tree which causes the snake to fall to the ground. The snake appears to be about 12 feet long. (This snake looked a lot like this black snake that I saw out in the back yard a couple of months ago that raised its head up and stuck its tongue out at me, only he was only about 6 feet long. Wanted to kill the bastard, but he was gone when I came back with a hoe.)

      Oriental Buffet - Looking Much Different Than Usual (WILD)
      Getting ready to go into this Oriental Buffet while lucid, and passing the owner of the place in the parking lot as he heads out to his car. Getting to the door, only it is tall wooden door instead of the usual glass door. The building also has these solid walls with no windows instead of windows like IRL. When I get inside everyone including the owner is there and they are all laughing as this whole scene appears to have been a joke.

      Large Building - Warriors Walking Through Chanting(WILD)
      Inside this large building that is like a large cathedral, where there are all of these Oriental decorations and these Oriental warriors carrying these swords and shields as they walk through the building doing these chants.

      Lady Getting Ready To Make A Recording On An Answering Machine - Going Off On This Guy Who Is Following Her (WILD)
      Seeing this lady in this building while lucid, who is getting ready to make a recording on this answering machine, who starts going off on this guy who was following her, saying something like "Who do you think you are following me, and demanding this and that."

      Foot - Loose Skin On Bottom (Super Vivid)
      Feeling the bottom of my feet and noticing all of this loose skin underneath them as they appear to have either cracked or been cut by something like some shoes I've been wearing. (Having noticed a spot under my toe that appears to have gotten cut before going to bed)

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      Lake - Cat Swimming To Shore (WILD)
      Looking out at a lake while lucid where my cat is swimming to shore by dog paddling.

      Lake - Working In And Helping A Cripple Guy (Super Vivid)
      Doing some sort of work out in the lake like replacing these things. There's another guy out in the lake also who is unable to do what he needs to do because he appears to be cripple, so I do his job also.

      Needing To Have Three Things Picked Up By The Trash Man - Adding Up To 71 (Super Vivid)
      Having three things that need to be picked up by the trash man, which when I add the numbers on them up they add up to 71. Wondering if the trash man has already been by, and thinking that I'll just put them out the next day if he's already been by.

      Mall - Leaving A Store Without Paying For Something (WILD)
      In a store in a mall while lucid, where I have these three things that I carry out of the store with me into the mall, thinking it will be alright that I didn't pay for them as long as I don't leave the mall. Deciding that I should go back into the store and pay for the things since the total for all three of them only comes to about 5.00. Going back into the store to pay for the things at which time the cashier says "changed your mind, huh?", after which I say "I forgot I had these, which is why I came back to pay for them."

      Underground Sewer - Standing In Water Up To My Chest (WILD)
      Walking around someplace like an underground sewer while lucid, where the water appears to be stopped up as the water is up to my chest. Using my imagination to drain the water out.

      Back Yard - Cutting The Grass With My Imagination (WILD)
      Being outside in the back yard while lucid, where I notice the grass is tall in several places where I removed these large rocks the day before. Using my imagination to cut the grass.

      Up In A Tree - Checking Out Some Branches (WILD)
      Being about 3/4 of the way up in this tree while lucid, checking out these branches to see how strong they are. Although the branches are all healthy, this is as high as I can go because the branches are too narrow up higher.

      Way Up High On A Metal Grail - Swaying Back And Forth (WILD)
      Climbing up these steps in my imagination when the scene comes alive and I'm way up on this metal grate. Looking out both sides and noticing how high I am, then looking through the metal grate I'm standing on and seeing the ground far below. Deciding to have a little fun so getting the platform to begin swaying back and forth, which begins swaying so much that it becomes a bit scary, so slowing it down a bit.

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      Strange Cats - Running Through My Living Room (WILD)
      Watching these cats running through the living room while lucid which when my cat sees, goes over and waits for them on this chair and then jumps down when they run by, although they are gone by the time she hits the floor.

      Having Dug A Small Pine Tree - Thinking About Planting It Somewhere Else (WILD)
      Having dug up this small tree while lucid that looks like a small pine tree that is about 2 feet tall and has this long root that I'm thinking about planting somewhere else in the yard.

      Speakers - Breaking Apart With A Hammer (WILD)
      Breaking these speakers apart with a hammer while lucid, when I begin to wonder if any of them are new speakers. Checking and seeing that they are all old speakers.

      Axe - Hitting A Dock (WILD)
      Hearing this axe go down and hit some wood while lucid, but being uncertain what the wood goes to until I check and notice that it appears to be a dock. The sound of the axe going through the wood was the main theme of the lucid.

      Root - Ripping Out Of The Ground (WILD)
      Having a hold of a root that goes way down into the ground to a much larger root while lucid, that I rip out of the ground.

      Tour Bus - Father Dropping His Daughter Off (WILD)
      Watching these two black people while lucid, one of which is getting ready to get on this tour bus to go somewhere. After hugging this girl, who gets on the bus, this man who appears to be her father gets in his car and drives off.

      Dock - Falling Through (WILD)
      Just having stepped onto this dock close to the shore while lucid when the wood begins to fall through with me.

      Bridge Running Over A Creek - Going Through The Back Yard (WILD)
      Looking at this bridge that goes over this creek while lucid, which bridge is running right through my back yard. Seeing all of these rocks under the bridge.

      Pulling On A Fishing Line - Breaking (WILD)
      Pulling on something like a fishing line while lucid, when it breaks and comes back and hits me in the face.

      Fasting On Water - Having No Desire To Eat (WILD)
      Having fasted on water in this lucid for three days after which I've lost all desire to eat.

      Floating In Outer Space - Turning Somersaults (WILD)
      Feeling like I'm in outer space floating around while lucid, where I'm able to turn somersaults at ease. Turning both frontward and backward somersaults.

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      Kid Lifting Weights - Almost Getting Crushed By The Weights (WILD)
      Watching this kid laying on the ground while lucid, who is trying to pull this barbell over his head, who begins to drop it about the time he gets it to his chest. A man standing behind him grabs the weights to keep it from crushing him.

      Inspector Having Briefly Inspected This Place - Someone Having Wanted Him To Inspect It More Thoroughly (WILD)
      Someone complaining about this inspector in this lucid, who came to their place and only briefly looked at a couple of things before approving the job. Them having wanted him to do a thorough inspection of the work.

      People Asking Their Friends What Time They Need To Be Somewhere To Put On A Show - Being Told 8AM (WILD)
      Watching these people asking their friends what time they need to be somewhere to put on this show in this lucid, after which their friends tell them 8AM.

      Gal Getting Upset - Getting Ready To Use Her Telekinetic Powers to Destroy Everything Around Her (WILD)
      Watching this gal while lucid, who is getting really upset about something, who is about to explode and start using her telekinetic powers to destroy all of these people and things around her.

      In The Balcony Of A Large Auditorium - People Trying To Take This Black Ladies Seat (WILD)
      In the balcony of a large auditorium while lucid, where this black lady with a hat is sitting next to me and where there are several empty seats. When these people try to take the ladies seat, she runs them off. A few seconds later all of the seats are filled with people.

      Neighbor Driving The Golf Cart - Brushing Up Against A Tractor In The Front Yard (WILD)
      The neighbor boy is driving my golf cart in this lucid, when he brushes up against something like a tractor in the front yard. Using my imagination to move the golf cart back over behind the house where it normally sits.

      Doing Some Work For This Place - Doing Something Extra That They Like (Super Vivid)
      Doing some kind of work for this place in which I do something extra to the thing I'm doing that the people like and compliment me on.

      Guy Doing Some Work For Me - Needing Him To Help Me With Something Else (Super Vivid)
      Having this guy do some work for me in the yard when I discover that I need his help on something else. Having helped me with this kind of work before and having done a good job that I praised him for. Later needing his help with something else that he gets this other guy to help him with as the other guy is also happy to do this since I had complimented him on some work that he had done earlier.

      Watching A Guy Competing In A Bicycle Race - Being Interviewed By A Reporter Afterward (Super Vivid)
      Watching this guy competing with these other guys in something like a bicycle race while lucid, who is chosen as the winner sometime later because of the way he completed the race. While interviewing him later, this reporter is showing how he left the starting line on his bike and then rode really fast over this trail where this gal came out after him yelling to encourage him during the race.

      During the race he drops something, after which all of these things that looked like feathers go flying all over the place. The guy explaining to the reporter how when he dropped this thing that he lost all of these various odds and ends he had been collecting for the past 12 years.

      Putting Four Boards Down - Last Board Being Smaller Than The Other Boards (WILD)
      Putting these four boards down on top of each other while lucid, three of which are about the same size, but one which is smaller on one end. Turning the last board around to match the other boards since it is larger on the other end.

      Having Done Something Extra During This Last Performance - Judges Remembering It And Paying Attention to My Current Performance (WILD)
      Having done something special while lucid during this last competition I was in that impressed the judges. Now being in another competition that I'm needing the judges help to win. The judges remembering the extra special thing I did during my last performance and coming over and paying attention to what I'm doing rather than watching the other contestants.

      Plastic Wrap - Wrapping Around This Device (WILD)
      Wrapping this plastic wrap around this device to hold it together while lucid. (Picked some carpet up for this shed today that they wrapped up in this plastic stuff).

      Screwing Some Plywood Down - Using Extra Screws (WILD)
      Using a couple of extra screws to screw this wood down into this device that seems to be coming loose while lucid.

      Grocery Store - Produce Section (WILD)
      In the produce section of this grocery store while lucid, needing some bananas and tomatoes. Wondering why I think I need some tomatoes when I know I have plenty of them at home. Levitating the things I need into my cart, then levitating them out to my car to keep from having to pay for them.

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