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      Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!...Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam! (with Drawings by Me!)

      Prodigy's Dream Journal.

      Ok Welcome Guys this is my Wack-a*s Journal.
      Im very lazy, and didn't want to make one, but yesterday i had my 2nd Lucid Dream!
      So i decided to make one!

      Heres My Goals:

      [x] Have a LD
      [x (idk)] Have a WILD
      [ ] Sex
      [ ] Fly
      [ ] Drive a Sports Car
      [ ] Meet my Dream/Spirit Guide
      [ ] Talk with Big L (Fav Punchline Rapper, Deceased)
      [ ] Have a Pokemon Adventure

      Lucid Dreams will be in this color. Cuz this color is cool.
      Titles will be bolded. and pictures will be added. They were all drawn by ME .

      Last Update: 8/31/09
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      "When is this girl coming out the bathroom?"

      Ok so i was in an office type building, but i told myself i was in school.
      I went inside a room (with glass walls), where i found 2 (hot) girls from my current class.
      Some guy said "Hi Piero" (Im Piero), and i responded "Sup"...
      i sat down in a comfy chair by them.

      He handed me a laptop, i opened it and it was completely fried.
      The whole thing was rusted, there were no keys, there were just empty spaces.
      no screen, completely fried.
      I went up to the guy and told him, "Theres no keys!....This always happens in my dreams!" (First time happening)
      Then Bam! Im Lucid.
      Im in a living room, and its all dark, im wearing a hat that keeps covering my eyes, and i was constantly putting it up.
      Im sitting down in a couch, to the left of me is an opening to the kitchen (which had light, which is how i can see), and farther down was the bathroom.

      Now the following is explicit, and i covered it in white, highlight but i warned you.
      My cock it was hard, and i was stroking it for a while.
      I wanted someone to appear, so i said "When is this girl coming out the bathroom" (having someone in mind). After that, the toilet flushed.
      I woke up...

      __________________________________________________ ______________________


      I was in church, and this lady was going outside, the pastor said "She needs air".
      Church ended, and we went outside.
      I saw my principle, sleeping ontop of a truck (WTF? lol), so me and my mom needed a ride home, so my mom went inside a truck and said ima wait till he drives me home.
      (She isnt going out with anybody), i looked across the street of the guys house and he had an exterminator suit (which i thought he was just cleaning).
      I went inside and saw his daughter (she was HOT), then below me were miniature white mice things and i kept stomping them, at one point they had wings, and flew!
      I left there and went home walking, i met these 2 kids in bikes, they were selling yugioh cards.
      I stole abox full of them
      (Second Time i had a dream where i was stealing yugioh cards). I woke up...
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      Fight Club

      I was in this outside field, where everyone was.
      They picked teams, and it was like they picked one guy from each team to fight each other.
      I was picked and was fighting this guy i know, but he was like "nah you fight him..".
      So i was fighting this short kid, and i don't remember throwing punches, or getting hurt.
      The time ran out and no one won.

      __________________________________________________ ______________________

      Jonas Attack!
      (2nd time dreaming about the Jonas Brothers....Fags....)

      My and my friends were in this castle thing, were there were two sides, and like empty spaces, like there were two outside castle walls inside a castle.

      and the Jonas Brothers were shooting us from the other side with a sniper.
      Later we were in this room, my friend left, and i was a little behind, and me and one of the Jonas Brothers (The one that looks like a monkey) were fighting, i was stronger than him, and he retreated, and i left.

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      Blastoff/ Porn Shoot

      Me and my friend made space ships! We even went to the moon.
      When we got there, we made a house in the moon.
      it was like a regular house, and like we had air tanks, and stuff.
      Then we decided to go back but something happened to the ship.
      and like we landed wrong (crash), but we were safe.
      Then someone picked us up, and he took us to this house by a junk yard.
      We were sitting in this living room, and there were a black guy and girl.
      They were having sex on top of the coffee table.
      At one point the guy bought all these drugs and made the girl take them all.
      And she became WILD as hell.. The guy made him suck his c*ck, but at the same time there was this other black guy having sex with her from the back.
      Then the girls mom and dad walked in from the kitchen.
      They were like "Everyone Out!" because they saw their daughter.
      So everyone left, but i had to use the bathroom...and it ended...

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      "Anyone want to help me eat this out?" (Sexual Reference)

      We were in this circus type place, and all the way in the back, One of my (hot) teachers was in her bathing suit.
      She was all alone in this pool filled with milk.
      And i was holding tons of Lucky Charms Cereal Boxes...
      So she told me she was going to eat it all, so i dumped it all inside the pool.
      So i did, i went inside the pool,, and also swam inside it.

      She made a remark "Anyone want to help me eat this out?" (Sexual Reference).
      She laughed. A couple minutes later, i talked myself into talking to her.
      "To be honest, if you don't tell anyone, i would help you eat it out" (Also Sexual).
      She notices that and she said "We're going to have to do something about it" (Meaning like No, not you). "You have to call me when you get over this..".
      Then she got out the pool...
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      sry but school be fu**ing me up...


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