Hallo everyone, just thought I'd start out my dream journal on here with a dream I had just a few hours ago.

My longest dream where I've remembered everything
(Warning: If you have a problem with zombies, Naruto, explosions, creepy highways, car racing, rocket launchers, and sniper-crossbows, then you shouldn't read this one I guess, lol.)
[presume all named characters to be from Naruto, unless stated otherwise]

SO, on to business.

I went to sleep like normal, hoping for a DILD. I had just finished watching about 3 episodes of Naruto, so I went to sleep.

I was waiting in ambush for an enemy platoon coming towards our village, and they had multiple siege towers, which confused me, but I went with it. I notice my ambush squadron consisted of Naruto, Kiba & Akamaru, Hinata, and other people I don't remember.
So, as the platoon gets closer, we prepare our ambush. I thought it was pretty terrible, but I kept my mouth shut.
They get closer and closer, so we spring our trap, which failed. We had to run away, because their manpower was much more than ours, and they had some pretty big guns.
We hid by a small lake, which was bordered by a cliff. As we sat there, I suggested that I use my super speed(I wasn't lucid, by the way) and plant Paper Bombs all over them. Everyone thought it was a good idea, so I went out and did it. I come back, and say it's done, so we set out once more to stop them.

Now comes the fun part of the dream. I set off the paper bombs, and a huge explosion comes up out of the platoon, thinking the deed was done, we all let out a big sigh of relief.
Until we see a rocket come straight towards us. So I get out my rocket launcher(the one like in Half-Life 2, where you can tell the rocket where to go) and shot at the person with the rocket launcher, who was on a very fast moving siege engine, the rocket missed but it took out a few of the foot soldiers with it.
And then I get out my crossbow(yes, the one from Half-Life 2 as well, with the sniper scope) and aim for the person shooting at us.
The first shot missed because he was going too fast.
Then I gave the crossbow a big lead, fire away, and got him!
It was very awesome for me, and he was the last person shooting at us.

After cheering that we had won, we decided to go back to the village, but I see some strange bag in the middle of the battleground.
I pick it up, and it's fairly heavy, but I take it back to the village (which seemed to be a more modern-ish version of the Hidden Leaf village, like cars and such) So we are going to report back to the Hokage, which was Tsunade, when Orochimaru shows up, and is like "NOO! YOU CAN NOT TAKE THE BAG TO HER!" and latches on to it, which I thought was really funny.
So I take the bag AND Orochimaru to the Hokage's manor, which looked just like it did in the cartoon. We go in and I show Tsunade the bag, which I had no idea what was in it. She picks Orochimaru off the bag, and tosses him away, which I also thought was funny. She opened the bag and it was some random girl who no one knew, so we were dismissed.

It was pretty late in the evening, so I decided to go to my house, or apartment, or whatever you could call it. It was just a one room place with a bed in it, and it was kind of in the slums.
So I was walking in and I decided I needed to buy some plastic spoons, so I did not go into my 'apartment'.

This is where it starts to get crazy.

I look at the sky, and it seemed a strange color, very dark clouds, but there was orange/yellow in the sky too. I see papers flying around everywhere because it was REALLY windy, but it had a really strange atmosphere, like the kind where you know something bad will happen. I didn't think much of it, so I went to the pawn shop to look for plastic spoons, the shopkeep said hello, and I tried to say "hey" back, but I had no voice, which was probably a sign of things to come, but I looked around the shop and I found 3 plastic spoons. As I was going to pay, I look outside because I hear a ton of screaming, and crashing noises. Turns out a HUGE 18 wheeler was driving around, wrecking buildings. I tell the shopkeep that we had to go, quick, so we go to his garage, and he had an older truck, so we hop in, and before we went, I notice there's a BUNCH of 18 wheelers, and those big buses wrecking buildings.

I look towards my part of the town, and it was safe, so I was relieved.. But a few moments later, a massive wrecker goes and takes down the whole block, I was looking out the window, and I shouted "NOOOOOOOOOOO" for a while, super loud, and I tell the shopkeeper/driver that we need to go now.
As we drive away, I see a bunch of people running towards our car, blocking the driveway. I was trying to tell them to get out of the way, but they wouldn't listen.
As they got closer, I noticed their faces...
They were so messed up and gross, and their skin was black and blue.
Zombies! But they couldn't be.. they weren't dead! Or were they?
So we can't back out, but there was a hill right next to us, so the driver floors it and goes down the hill.

The dream just changed from a Naruto theme to a Left 4 Dead theme.
We drove for about 15 minutes till we reached a part of the city that seemed unscathed by any evil, so we slow down and go to the gas station. My GRANDMA was there, so I said to her "Mimi, get in the car! Hurry!"
So she gets in, and she was with Natalie Portman for some reason, but Portman doesn't get in the truck, and runs towards the road out of the city.
Then, the atmosphere changes back to the one in the village, so I shout to the driver "We have to get out of here NOW!" so he finishes pumping the gas in about 2 seconds, doesn't pay (lol) and gets in the truck, I look towards the road we just came from. It had a whole mob of people walking towards the gas station, and all the people that weren't zombies at the gas station started screaming, and running around like mad people. As we drive away, I see them transform into the zombies, almost like Werewolves, but they turned into zombies instead. I look towards the village with fear, and I see what seems to be my old squadmates running with the zombies, so I was saddened.

The driver floors the truck, and we go on a road towards the airport, which seemed like the most reasonable thing to do. As we drive down the road, which was VERY rural, only a few street lamps, no stores. I see lines of people walking on each side of the road to the airport, which we could now see.
Then, my fears were correct, the people in the lines started transforming.
Then they all started to block the road!
So we were ramming into zombies for about 5 minutes, and all of a sudden we're at the airport, and the gates were just starting to close, but we BARELY made it.

We were all so relieved, we got on one of those big Hercules cargo planes, and we took off.
We're flying over the ocean now, and I see a small island with a city on it, I wonder if it had zombies on it. Suddenly, the plane lurches, and we start going down.
I say, "Guess I'll find out what's on there now."
I find the rack of parachutes, grab one, and jump out the back of the plane, and my truck-mates (lol) did the same. after about 30 seconds, the plane explodes.
We were all shocked, but almost on the island.
We touch down on the beach, and unhook our parachutes, and see the lights of the city. As we start walking towards them, we hear an awful noise, much like the screech of the poison or fast headcrab zombies from Half Life 2.
We start running towards the lights, and then we see them.
Hordes of zombies, just standing around.
The last frame of the dream, I swear, was a smilie face.
Worst dream ending EVER.

And yes, so ends my first Dream Journal entry.
Hope you enjoyed reading it. XD