So I know I havent been on here in months... but my lucid dreams have stopped for many of months, which were triggered by medication I was on and stopped after I stopped taking it, and now they have returned and in great length, continuously, and even more lucidity. Ive been talking with some of my co-workers about dreaming lately and one thing they've told me is that they mostly dream in black and white, and they dream in color every great while. Now myself, I always dream in color whether it be lucid or not.

Ive been sick with bronchitis and have been losing a little sleep over it due to the caughing. So last night I was exhausted and went to bed really early. Ended up sleeping for 12 hours.

But they started up again... and I had two different ones.

The first one wasnt very long it was in a beach bar. I got my self some cherry flavored ice.. was walking around talking with people, drinking my flavored ice which had melted a bit in the heat and then got the throught about putting alcohol in with the flavored ice. Now I walked up to the bard and asked the bar tender for some rum while talking with a friend. When the bar tender asked which kind I wanted I couldnt decide if I want spiced rum or Malibu rum. I finially came to the decision of to add the Malibu and took a drink after the bar tender added the Malibu and could actually taste it. As soon as I took the drink I woke up and the funny thing is I woke up with a dry mouth and thristy as heck! Lol

Now this other one I'm about to tell ya about is kind of graphic, and violent.. not that I'm like that it was just a wierd and crazy dream..

After I got back to sleep this one started up..

I dont exactly remember how it started but I can remember that I was apart of a squad of soilders holding a fortified castle like building. In a centralized room in the building there was a couple of tables and racks that was used as an amory. I remember walking in and picking up a heavy machine gun and a midium to long range assualt rifle that I had a strap on my shoulder. I can remeber that I took a possition on the second level of the building in a large arched window that you could walk through. I can only remember that a wave of soldiers started attacking. I took cover behind a corner of where I was at as bullets wizzed by striking where I was and chipping pieces of the building.

I remember that my squad started to return fire and as the enemy started to run for cover I came back into the large window and emptied my heavy machine gun into a group of three, and their blood splattered and ran every where. Since I empied my machine gun I dropped it and took of my rifle which could be switched from semi-automatic to fully automatic. It also had a scope on it. I switched it to semi-auto and was in full control of where I aimed it and how much pressure I applied to the trigger. I would raise the gun and aim through the scope and could see the cross hairs. I placed the cross hairs on an enemy's head, pulled the trigger, and shot him. I saw the blood from the head shot splatter on the wall next to him. I pulled my eye of the scope and saw two more enemies, quickly switched the rifle from semi to fully auto. I shot the other two..

Then I woke up scratching my head, wondering what the heck that was all about.. noticing I left the TV, I smoked a cigarette and turned off the TV and went back to sleep.

As soon as I fell asleep the dream started back up.. A second attack on out position was begining and we were getting over ran. Some how I came to pick up a flare gun and saw our squad leader about to get shot, and I shot the flare through a window inadvertantly burning our squad leader. (Here is were it gets even stranger) We started to retreat through a wooden door, which Ice Man (Yes, thats right.. the comic super hero Ice Man) started to make a path for us to run up and as we ran up the path it started to break apart. Once we got through the door we got to a black empty space were we could see a city on the other side. So Ice Man started to make round ice stepping stone like things, but he lost focus or something and they started to come up wierd. We had to cautious when going from one to the other. I had total control over where I placed my feet and how I shifted my weight. Before we reached the end of the stepping stone like things made out of ice I woke up again.

I sat up and smoked another cigarette now just completely baffled on the wierdness of this whole dream that seemed to never end. I started to think about what might have caused it and remembered I was watching WWII in HD on the History Channel before I feel asleep and thought that might have been the cause of the start of the dream... I wonder what tonight will bring!?