I'll start with some of my older dreams I remember...

I remember that I was in some HUGE hall.. and that some person told me that I need to reach this huge lightbulbish looking thing on the ceiling which was maybe 20 feet high. I then saw him floating up. This made me realize I was dreaming. I thought to myself, 'HEY! I'm dreaming! I can do what he's doing!'
So I thought to myself, 'K, let's FLY!'
So I started to float up... I was thinking 'K this is awesome.'
I starting doing flips and stuff. And then I saw Megan Fox, and I made a dramatic scene by crashing through a window and scooping her up. The rest is probably inappropriate to say...
And then when I first learned that I can control my dreams, was when I was 11. I realized I was dreaming, and I was walking down a street in my old home town. I realized I was dreaming, so I said to myself, 'Hey, I want a sundae.' And then a sundae appeared at my feet! I was basically jumping for joy for all the cool things I could do.
Now, for a record of my dreams, the past two were just dreams that I vividly remember.
March 21 2010
I went back in time to 2003, and I was in some school, with a young Mr Elliott(principle), and some of my friends were there. We went ripping in a random truck, and then the story shifted into something weird. We ran into Jamaican zombies. They were cool though, they were trying to protect their baby's, (which were in eggs, in a sand pit of some sort) from angry people.
Me, my brother and a few friends fought to defend them with various weapons. I remember that my brother had a big knife, and the zombie had a shotgun
And then I had another dream where I was in a eerily empty mall, and i was with two other people. I had to pi** so I went into a lettuce stand filled with water(I'm confused too) and went to town. I was sorta floating on pieces of lettuce lol. I then did a reality check on my hands. I had two thumbs on my right hand, and seven fingers on my left. It was cool lol. But I didn't really realize I was dreaming
And that about sums it up for now... more to come!